VAPA/CCA Arts Magnet Information – Overview

Are you creative, imaginative or interested in the Arts?  Would you enjoy learning about English and History while also building new artistic skills? Learn how to engage an audience by studying stand-up comedians?  Dance the day away like a 80's zombie stuck in the 19th century?  Spend a day in the city experiencing an art gallery or seeing a performance?  Experience Shakespeare on the stage as well as on the page?  Curate an art show with your own work?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Arts Magnet program at Irvington might be an exciting opportunity for you!

Academics: As new members of the Arts Magnet program, ninth-grade students participate in the Center for Creative Arts (CCA) academic “family.” This means that students are enrolled in History and English classes which are specifically designed to use the Arts in their lessons.  All students have the opportunity to learn new skills and excel, both artistically and academically. Students in the CCA have shared creative interests and a common bond with their classmates and teachers, creating a rich and exciting high school experience.

Core Subjects in the CCA

9th Grade: English and Physics in the Universe/Living Earth

10th-12th Grade: English and Social Studies

**Honors course options are available at the 9th and 10th grade levels.

***Students are required to participate in at least 3 visual and/or performing arts electives of their choice (one arts elective being at an intermediate level or higher) in addition to being enrolled in the core classes. These courses can be taken over the span of the 4 years the student is enrolled in the CCA.

Electives: Because of their strong creative interests, CCA students in the Arts Magnet Program are expected to take advantage of Irvington’s diverse elective course offerings in the arts. At IHS, artistic opportunities exist for everyone from the curious beginner to the most advanced artist. Visual arts courses include Photography, Sculpture, Drawing, Painting, and Digital Arts. In the Performing Arts, students can take classes in Drama, Stagecraft, Dance, Choir, Band, and Orchestra. Irvington, in partnership with Ohlone College, offers the most advanced arts classes in the district, in both the Visual and Performing Arts. Students often participate in Irvington Conservatory Theatre productions, both behind the scenes and on the stage; artists, actors, musicians, and technicians are given the chance to hone their skills for a live audience. Students in the Visual Arts classes are given opportunities to display their art in the gallery on campus for their teachers, peers, parents and the greater IHS community. We are continuously working on expanding the artistic experiences for our students to grow from and enjoy.

How to apply:

Online applications for the 2023-2024 school year will be available in January of 2023.

-IHS Arts Magnet and Center for the Creative Arts coordinators