Jobs, Careers, and Work Permits

Student Work Permits

All high school students under the age of 18* must have a valid work permit if they are currently working or plan to work while in high school.  The application for a work permit must be completed by the student and employer and signed by the parent or guardian. Completed applications should be given to Ms. Chophla in the College/Career Center for processing.  The Work Permits need to be renewed every new school year.

*Students must have and maintain a 2.0 GPA to obtain and keep a work permit! (District policy)

Work Permit Application (PDF)

Special Note for the Summer: 

From 6/5 to 6/9, you may obtain a work permit in person at the district office in the department of Secondary Education: 4210 Technology Dr., Fremont, CA 94538

From 6/12 to 7/12 during the summer school session, you may obtain a work permit in person at Washington High School from Ms. Cathy Ytuarte.

From 7/13 to 8/15, you may obtain a work permit in person at the district office in the department of Secondary Education.

Beginning on the first day of school, 8/16, Mrs. Chophla will process and issue the permits at Irvington for the rest of the school year.

Very important - Request forms and work permits with your Social Security Number should never be emailed back and forth electronically due to identity theft, hacking, and liability risks.

Mission Valley ROP Job Board

*New opportunities posted regularly.

Students interested in careers in STEM may view the best college programs, a variety of STEM careers and salary info at: Add school info to access the site.

Service, Learning and Earning  A guide to Teach America, Job Corps, and California National Guard

The Job Corps offers free vocational training for low-income students and young adults aged 16-24.  Training is offered in more than 25 different careers and includes construction, automotive repair, accounting, health care, hospitality, information technology, manufacturing, renewable resources and more.

Health & dental care, housing, transportation, meals, and education are all free!  In addition, the Job Corps will help you with job placement.  For more information contact the Admissions Clerk at 408-794-1232 or check out the webpage


Did you know that both Disneyland and Walt Disney World offer career programs?  The Disney CareerStart Program is a five to seven-month program open to all graduating high school seniors.  Participants must be 18 years old by their arrival date.  Participants will work at the park, living in one of the fully furnished, gated apartments with 24-hour security, while also taking classes recommended for academic credit.

To learn more about this opportunity visit the website at:

California Career Zone:   Take an assessment, research careers,  do a "reality check".

Bay Area Career Guide:  Bay Area community college and vocational education information.  Take an assessment and research local programs.

Guide to Resumes, Applications and Cover Letters

Job Star Central-Sample Resumes & Cover Letters, Career Guides and more...

Beyond High School-Career Interest, Resume Writing, Finding a Job, Scholarship Search, Budget Planning, Military Options

Cool Works connects you to information about thousands of summer jobs and seasonal jobs in cool places.

The California State Employment Development Department (EDD) site offers a variety of programs and services specially designed for youth.

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