Club Advisor Tip Sheet to JFK Activities

Important Dates to Remember for 2019-202

  • Club Rush Week September 18-22  at lunch (Need to supervise your club)
  • Coffee House December 9-13 at lunch (Need to supervise your club)
  • Multicultural Week February 18-21  (Supervise your club if they are selling food/items)
  • International Night Thursday, February 20 from 8 -9 pm (after parent conferences)
  • 2018-2019 Club Constitution due April 30


  • You are expected to come to the initial advisor meeting held in September.
  • You are expected to supervise all club activities. Students must get your approval FIRST before submitting forms to ASB. (Example: Selling food at lunch during Multicultural Week, Rehearsals after school, performances (International night), and any additional fundraisers/activities you and the students agree upon.
  • You are the liaison between the club and Ms. Mulcahy. Ms. Mulcahy is the liaison with Admin and District.
  • You are the adult signer for the club account. Please verify what students are trying to purchase before submitting any forms for Pre-Approval. (Mulcahy, Facha, and Velez will confirm if it is an allowable expense.)

Fundraiser/Money Info:

  • Fundraisers dates and times must be approved first to ensure there are no conflicts. (Example: Candy, Restaurant fundraisers)
    • Candy sales are not allowed during school hours or on campus
  • There must be a representative (authorized signer) at all club meetings. (Once a month)
  • Have to have PRE-APPROVAL first to do anything. (Example: to spend money has to be approved first in writing by ASB.) By law, we CAN’T give pre-approval and request a check on the same day. Receipt date has to be after pre-approval.
  • Pre-Approval is a PO request. This can be picked up from the business office or room 156.
  • Once items are received Donna Facha or Ms.Mulcahy need to be notified that the PO is okay to be paid. A check will be requested after packing slip/receipt/invoice is turned in. 
  • Please allow 2 weeks for a check request. It has to be approved, printed, and receive proper signatures before mailing or picking up.
  • When you need to use a facility on campus, you must send a written request by email to Mrs. Kiester and CC Mulcahy. Please note any facility used on Saturday or Sunday requires a custodian at an additional cost to the club class.

Contact Info:

Activities Director: Tori Mulcahy    (510) 657-4070 x27156

Account Clerk: Donna Facha (510) 657-4070 x27012

School Secretary: Angelyn Kiester  (510) 657-4070 x27306

Principal: Edward Velez   (510) 657-4070 x 27030