Letter of Recommendation

WHS students applying to private universities may need a letter of recommendation from their counselor. Many private colleges, including Military Academy applications and scholarship applications, require that you submit a letter of recommendation from a teacher and/or counselor, or in some cases a community member as part of the application process. We limit Letters of Recommendation for this purpose. For the counselor evaluation, plan to meet with your counselor well in advance of application deadlines. Due to the overwhelming number of requests received every year, each student must carefully read and follow the steps outlined below.


Students must complete all steps 3 weeks prior to their earliest application deadline.
All requests must be made no later than October 17th.

How to Request for a Letter of Recommendation from your counselor

Step 1:Meet with your counselor to discuss expectations
and deadlines.

Step 2:Invite your counselor to your online application portal(s)
(e.g. Common App, Coalition, Send.edu, etc.) by entering
their full name and email address (found to the right).

Step 3:On your online application portals, select the colleges
you are applying to, as well as your decision plan
due date for each college.

Step 4:Senior Profile: Complete the Senior Profile link for
your counselor below. There are approximately 7
sections on the Senior Profile, so plan your time
accordingly, as once you submit - you will not be able to
make changes.

It is strongly recommended that you type your answers in
a separate document and then copy and paste your answers
into the Senior Profile to avoid losing any of your answers. 

Senior Profile

Mr. Nguyen
Senior Profile: Nguyen

Mrs. Tseng
Senior Profile: Tseng

Mrs. Berino
Senior Profile: Berino

Mrs. Vera-Valdez
Senior Profile: Vera-Valdez