WEB – Where Everybody Belongs

Walters WEB is a free-of-cost program to all incoming 6th graders that emphasizes building relationships and encourages participation.  One 8th grade WEB leader will serve as a positive role model and connect with the 6th graders in his or her group on that day, and continue this connection throughout the school year. This program is designed to promote a positive transition and student support system for students entering middle school.  Students will participate in team-building activities while learning about Walters Middle School.

Students will go on a tour of the school, engage in a scavenger hunt and play getting-to-know you games as well as team-building activities with fellow incoming 6th graders and their WEB leaders.

Some benefits of the WEB program include:

-Increased positive peer connection

-Builds confidence for students entering a new school

-Familiarity with the Walters campus

-Respect for school community

Important information:

Please note that during Walters WEB, NO transportation or food service will be provided.  A light snack and drink will be given to students.  If your student has special dietary needs, please send a snack.

All questions about the WEB should be directed to WEB Coordinator Chelsey Staley at (510) 656-7211 Ext. 28031 or email at cstaley@fusdk12.net