Dual Immersion

PLEASE NOTE: To be considered for the program you must be enrolled in Fremont Unified. See our Enrollment Section.

Immersion education is an educational model designed to provide students with fluency and literacy in two languages. Fremont Unified School District offers two Immersion programs, Spanish and Mandarin, for students in grades TK-8.

Mandarin and Spanish Immersion Transitional Kindergarten classes are enrolling now!

See flyers for more information: TK Immersion Classes | Clases de inmersión en TK 過渡幼兒園沉浸式課程 (pdf)

Mandarin Immersion Kinder Parent Presentation

Immersion Program Videos:

English | Spanish | Mandarin ( ↗ open in vimeo.com)

Program Applications

2024-2025 (NEXT school year entering on August 14, 2024)
TK-5 Applications, submit online with informedk12.com

2024-2025 Mandarin Immersion Program (Grades TK-5) - English
2024-2025 Mandarin Immersion Program (Grades TK-5) - Chinese

2024-2025 Spanish Immersion Program (Grades TK-5) - English
2024-2025 Spanish Immersion Program (Grades TK-5) - Spanish

Middle School Applications, grades 6-8, submit to sss@fusdk12.net
2024-2025 Middle School Immersion Program Application English
Middle School Immersion Program Application Cover Sheet

About the Programs

Program Offerings

The Immersion program is offered in Spanish and Mandarin for students in grades TK-8. The district's Immersion program is open to non English-speaking and English-speaking students. In these programs, all students develop literacy in the target language first with the gradual addition of English. Students in the Immersion program are taught using the same California State Standards as all other students in the district.


The Immersion program is open to students enrolled in FUSD through an application process. All students are eligible to enter the Immersion program in kindergarten and first grade. Students who wish to enter Immersion in grades 2-8 must demonstrate fluency and literacy skills in English and the target language in order to be eligible for enrollment. All Immersion enrollment is dependent upon space.


In 2022-23, the Mandarin Immersion Program (MIP) will unify at Lila Bringhurst Elementary as that school opens to serve its home attendance area students, and the Spanish Dual Immersion (SDI) program will unify at Blacow Elementary.

Immersion Master Plan

Immersion Program Master Plan - Chinese
Immersion Program Master Plan - English
Immersion Program Master Plan - Spanish


Mandarin Immersion Brochure - English
Mandarin Immersion Brochure - Mandarin

Spanish Immersion Brochure - English
Spanish Immersion Brochure - Spanish