Welcome to Brookvale

Brookvale Elementary School was built in 1972 and modernized in 1996.  In the summer of 2008 the school underwent some renovations to make the school more energy efficient and to provide the outside of the school with added beautification.  During the summer of 2017, additional classrooms were added to ease overcrowding in the American Attendance Area, and technology upgrades were completed.  Our school has four buildings of 6 classrooms each and one 2 story building with 8 classrooms, five portables, one office building/library and a multipurpose room (MPR).  We have a large field and blacktop space, and two play structures for students on the primary and intermediate playgrounds.  TK and Kindergarten have their own enclosed playground area.  Various community groups have the opportunity to request use of our facilities for after school and weekend activities by going online to our Community Services website and submitting an application.

Brookvale has both general education and special education classes on campus.  For a list of teachers by grade level, please view our website Staff List.  General Education has the following number of classes by grade level:  2 TK, 2 Kindergarten, 2 First Grade, 2 Second Grade, 1 combination 2nd/3rd Grade, 2 Third Grade, 2 Fourth Grade, 1 combination 4th/5th Grade and 2 Fifth Grade classes.  Special Education has the following grade level combination classes: 1 SDC TK/K, 1 SDC 1st/2nd Grade, 1 SDC 2nd/3rd Grade, 1 SDC 4th/5th Grade.

We also have a Speech Pathologist Teacher, a Resource Teacher, a School Psychologist, a Counselor, 2 full time Custodians and one part time Custodian, a School Secretary, an Office Assistant, a Library Media Tech (Librarian), Science Prep Teacher, Computer Prep  Teacher, PE Prep Teacher and Intervention teacher.  We have several Paraeducators that provide additional support to our teachers and students.  Adventure Time is a private, independent After School Daycare Program on our campus to assist parents with before and after school daycare needs.  

The current school Principal, Malinda Elliott, has served as the Brookvale Principal since August of 2019.

Brookvale School has a very diverse student population and allows students opportunities to participate in extracurricular and multicultural activities. Brookvale School has an extremely supportive parent community and our PTA (Parent Teacher Association) group partners with our school to support our students and teachers by volunteering and sponsoring special school events and activities throughout the school year.