ASB students get into the Halloween and Winter dances for free.  Non-ASB students pay $5.00. All students must show their Centerville ID to enter the dance.   Replacement I.D.s can be purchased for $5.00 in the office.  I.D.s are never sold on the day of a dance.

Students are expected to behave and dance appropriately.  Students may be restricted from attending subsequent dances for failure to follow these rules. Parents will be contacted to pick up their student for inappropriate dancing.  Students may receive disciplinary actions for sexual harassment in regards to inappropriate dancing.

All students must be neatly and appropriately dressed.  The school dress code will be enforced.

Students may not leave before the end of the dance.  Parents must pick up students promptly at the end of the dance.

In order to attend a dance students must be in attendance that school day by the start of 2nd period and remain the entire day.

Refreshments will be sold at the dances.