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Every Wednesday

  • Early Dismissal:                          
    Gr. 1-5 @ 1:30                                  Kinder @ 11:40

Monday, 2/19

  • Presidents Day

Friday, 2/23

  • Deadline to return 2024/25 Reservation/Proof of Residency Forms via 
    Informed K12

Monday, 2/26

  • SSC Meeting 3:15 - 4:15

Tuesday, 2/27

  • CAASPP Information Night Grades 3-5, via ZOOM 5:30





















Hello Forest Park Families:


Congratulations to all that participated in the Young Author's Contest; especially to our grade level winners:

Kindergarten - Shruti, 203

1st Grade - Ling, 204

2nd Grade - Ritwik, 305

3rd Grade - Stuti, 304

4th Grade - Nirvan, 404

5th Grade - Aditi, 501

State Testing

CAASPP/SBAC Testing Dates- Grades 3-5
May 13 - May 24

Please make note of these dates as tests will not be administered before or after these dates.
save the date 2/27, 5:30-6:30 via ZOOM

Flyer with more information and log in will be sent home in the next few weeks with login information

ELPAC TESTING English Learners Grades K-5

The "ELPAC Overview" video provides general information about the ELPAC, including its importance and purpose, an explanation of who takes the test, how it is administered, and general resources available.

The "ELPAC Overview" video is available in both English and Spanish.


Riding bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc to school remember to protect your head.

Anyone under the age of 18 is required to wear an approved, properly fitted, and fastened bicycle helmet while 
operating or riding as a passenger on a bicycle on a street, bikeway, or any other public bicycle path or trail. The law also applies to scooters, skateboards, skates (including rollerblades or any other types of geared or wheeled transportation.

Mobile Communication Devices at School


 The Fremont Unified School Board recognizes the value of mobile communication devices in our society, but also understands if used inappropriately they can disrupt the learning environment. 

      The Governing Board recognizes that the use of smartphones and other mobile communication devices on campus may be beneficial to student learning and well-being, but could be disruptive of the instructional program in some circumstances.  The Board permits limited use of mobile communication devices on campus in accordance with law and the following policy.

      Students may use cell phones, smart watches, pagers, or other mobile communication devices on campus during non-instructional time as long as the device is utilized in accordance with law and any rules that individual school sites may impose.


Use of a mobile communication device falls under the following guidelines: 

Elementary School (TK-5)  Board Policy 5131.8 AR


a. Elementary students’ mobile communication devices must be turned off from the first bell and remain off until the last bell during school hours. Communication with parents/guardians will be facilitated through the teacher or the main office of the school.

b.  Wearable mobile communication devices may be worn as long as they do not create a distraction or a disruption during school hours.

c.  Students who choose to bring mobile communication devices to school do so at their own risk.  Fremont Unified School District assumes no liability for lost, stolen or damaged device



Safety at Forest Park

Each year students and staff participate in annual practice drills- fire, earthquake and lockdown as defined in the school's safety plan and law.

These drills help to prepare everyone of what to do in the event a situation presents itself on the campus.  These are required by law.

Each month we hold fire drills.

On Monday, January 22 we participated in a school-wide lockdown drill. Students and staff did a remarkable job on Monday as we went through the lockdown process on our school campus.

While we do not foresee any threats to our school, it is important we practice so we do know how to respond should incidents arise.

The Forest Park Staff recently participated in Run, Hide, Fight training in November 2023  as well.




On January 29, 2024 the district office e-mailed home the annual District Reservation Form to all current students via Informed K12. This form serves two purposes. It tells the school where you intend your child to go to school for 2024-2025 and fulfills the District’s mandated annual residency verification. The deadline to return reservation forms is 
Friday, February 23, 2024. When you receive this form, be sure to complete it and upload the documents requested. You will need to do this for each child. We will not be handing out the forms in the office; you must respond to the email. If you do not complete this form, your child will not be placed on a class list for next fall. If you have moved please be sure to provide the office with new residency documentation so that we may update our records.



New Transitional Kindergarten (TK), New Kindergarten, & Sibling Priority enrollment began January 22, 2024. Please see the link below for the full 2024-2025 timeline.

Elementary Priority Enrollment - Including TK, K, and Sibling:

2024-2025 New Elementary Timeline




Boys games: 3:00-4:00





Location of Game


Forest Park


Forest Park


Forest Park


Forest Park



Forest Park

Forest Park*



Forest Park


*Oliveira will be considered the home team


Counselor Corner

 We are celebrating National School Counseling Week February 5-9 . 2024.  

Through exercises in classroom lessons, group discussions, or one on one conversations, I help your children learn coping skills, how to work well with others, how to make informed decisions and even how to take responsibility for their actions. These are all important skills that help us be good friends, family members, and someday, employees. 

As a School Counselor, my job is to ensure every student feels supported as individual and as part of the bigger school community. My goal is to help our students develop the skills to be successful in school and life, including academics, social emotional learning and life readiness. It’s vital that both students and parents understand what role I have so I can provide appropriate services. 

If you ever have questions or need guidance, please reach me via email skim@fusdk12.




All sales are online only. The cost is $25 +tax through March 14, 2024. The cost will increase to $30 +tax on March 15, 2024 through May 20, 2024. The link to purchase is - 
Use school ID number 292767-2401

Dear Families and Caregivers,

We love having your children at school all school year! 

This is the time of year when winter weather takes a toll on school attendance. Road conditions and rain can make it hard to get your children to school. So can illnesses such as colds, flu, fevers, earaches, and COVID-19.

These absences, even if they are excused, break the routine of daily attendance which can impact students feeling connected and engaged in learning. Please consider these steps to keep your children healthy and in school this winter.      

Develop back up plans for getting your children to school. Check who can give your children a ride if  you can’t take them, or form a “walking school bus” to walk to school with other families.

If your children get sick or you are concerned about Covid or the flu, talk to your child’s medical provider or the school nurse for advice.

Stomach pain and headaches can be signs of anxiety and may not be reasons for   keeping a child home. If you feel that anxiety or stress is playing a role, talk to your child’s   teacher, the school nurse, counselor or your medical provider about how best to support your   child.

Encourage children to wash their hands before and after eating and after using the   restroom.

Encourage healthy habits such as getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods, drinking   fluids and getting exercise. 

Let us know how we can help you. If you’re having trouble, need resources or advice, call us at 

Thank you for partnering with us!

Community Liaisons

The Student Support Services department has a new team of Community Liaisons. They serve as a communication bridge between staff, families, community, and the District. The liaisons provide one-on-one support to families to help them connect to the resources they need. For assistance or questions, please contact them directly at the information listed below:

(Lucy) Pin Ju Ho
Community Liaison/Bilingual Mandarin
Tel. 510-774-2864
[email protected]

Nancy Saldivar Ureno
Community Liaison/Bilingual Spanish
Tel. 510-393-5993
[email protected]

Shugufa Farouqi
Community Liaison/Bilingual Farsi
Tel. 510-435-3314
[email protected]




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