Welcome to Harvey Green

Welcome to Harvey Green School. Our unique blend of cultures, talents, and support services provides an academically challenging, safe, and nurturing environment, which allows each and every child on our campus to thrive. Our 400 students represent 30 nationalities and 16 languages. Awareness and appreciation of diverse backgrounds and traditions are interwoven into the curriculum and school-wide activities. We consider students for whom we have special concerns as individuals with both strengths and needs. Approximately 35 percent of our students are eligible for the free or reduced-price lunch program, one-third speak a language other than English at home, and many others will be the first generation to graduate from high school. To maximize the potential of these students, our pre-kindergarten outreach program sets the foundation for all of our children to develop the academic, social, and emotional skills to be successful whether or not they attended preschool.

Our students with disabilities benefit from a similarly innovative set of programs. Our Resource Specialist Program (RSP) staff uses a collaborative model to help students within the regular classroom setting and in the RSP center. We offer speech and language support services to our elementary students and to eligible preschool students from across the district.

Our day treatment program for students diagnosed with severe emotional disturbances operates as a school within a school. The program partners with Fremont Unified School District, Seneca Center, New Haven Unified School District, Newark Unified School District, and Alameda County Mental Health Services to blend mental health services with academic instruction for students whose emotional needs interfere with their success in learning.

We consider education a partnership between school and home, and we invite parents into the school as volunteers and to participate in the decision-making process. We offer parent education and family nights and take-home resource kits to develop academic skills and English language proficiency for children and adults. We seek to weave the many strands of our school community into a bright and vibrant tapestry that encompasses the well-being of all our students.

Our school is moving in sustainable directions, taking advantage of technology and focusing on recycling. Our students sort their lunch trash, recycling more than 70% of what used to be thrown away. Information is shared with families and the community through our school web site and Google group. Families can choose to receive our newsletter electronically, saving hundreds of sheets of paper each year. Email is used extensively to communicate with individual parents.

We are proud of our school!