Academic Services

The School Counselors at John F. Kennedy High assist students/parents in a variety of ways. They also direct students/parents to the appropriate person if they are approached with a question/concern they cannot assist with. Please see the list below of topics that you need assistance with to find out how to proceed.

Adult School (Transfer): Seniors who are deficient in credits towards graduating from Kennedy can sign up to finish their high school diploma or earn a G.E.D. at Fremont Adult School when they turn 18 years old. If a student is 17.5 years old, s/he can complete an Adult School Petition for approval to attend the Fremont Adult School to prepare to take G.E.D. preparation classes. Students who are 18 and wish to transfer to Adult School can simply contact Fremont Adult School for an orientation. Students who are 17.5 can request an Adult School Petition from their school counselor.
Fremont Adult School Website

Four Year Plan: The counselors hold a senior meeting with every 12th grade student individually in September and October to verify exactly what the students need to finish in senior year in order to graduate on time. The Four Year Plan document can be download below at anytime for use at home as well.

Document: Four-Year Plan below

Robertson High School: The school counselors review transcripts several times per year. If they notice a student that is 15.5 years or older that is extremely deficient in credits, they will contact the parent/guardian(s) and student to set an appointment to review the option of transferring to Robertson High School. Robertson High School is Fremont Unfied School District's continuation high school. This school offers a comprehensive program to help students catch up on their credits so they have a better chance of graduating on time. Robertson High School requires 30 less elective credits than the other high schools in Fremont and they can offer up to 80 credits in a year and up to 15 credits in summer school. To request a transfer to Robertson, please contact your high school counselor to get a referral form completed. Please feel free to see the Robertson High School website below for more information.

Robertson High School Website

Scheduling: The school counselors assist with building/adjusting student schedules. In March of every year, the school counselors meet with every 8th grade student at Walter's Junior High and every 9th-11th grade student at Kennedy to submit a list of class requests for each student. The principals then use this information to build a schedule for each student over the summer. Counselors assist with schedule changes for Term 1 (Aug. - Jan.) schedules in August and through the first week of school. Counselors assist with schedule changes for Term 2 (Jan. - June) schedules up through the first week of Term 2. Counselors are not allowed to change a class because a student or parent requests a different teacher. Counselors are also not allowed to overload a class that has met its capacity. Feel free to email the appropriate counselor or principal for a schedule change request.

Summer School: The school counselors receive summer school applications in the Spring. Students will be given a summer school registration form to make up a D or F grade. These forms need to be signed by the student and their parent/guardian and then returned to the school counselor by the given deadline each year. Summer School is limited in the number of students who can enroll so it is crucial for students/parents to submit these by the deadline.

Transcript Review: The school counselors manually review every student's transcript in August, November, February, and April. They use this information to assist administration with scheduling, to sign students up for Summer School or credit recovery, and to help students make the right course selections each year for their future plans.

Four Year Plan (Final).doc (DOC)