10/3/23: Millard Elementary Update

Today around 2:10pm, Millard Elementary initiated a lockdown due to police activity. The lockdown was lifted within approximately 15 minutes at the direction of Fremont Police Department.

While the police activity was unrelated to our campus, two suspects fled onto the campus. Police officers immediately entered the campus and pursued the suspects until they were apprehended while still on school grounds. Fremont Police Department School Resource Officers also responded to coordinate with school staff, and remained on campus after the school resumed normal operations, including through student dismissal.

Additional information will be shared later tonight by Fremont Police Department, as it is the lead agency on this matter. 

I wanted to make sure you were aware of the situation so you can check in with your student this evening. If your student needs additional support to address any concerns this incident may have raised, please let me know so our school counselor can meet with them in the coming days. Fremont Unified will make additional counseling support available starting tomorrow morning. 

The safety and security of our students and staff remain our top priority. Millard Elementary practiced their emergency response drills during the month of September, and I appreciate the quick and appropriate response by our staff and students in this situation. 


CJ Cammack
Fremont Unified

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