Policies & Handbook

Parent/Guardian & Student Handbook Notice of Rights & Responsibilities

To ensure a safe and secure learning environment at Niles School, we focus on safety, health, and well-being as a schoolwide priority.  Our Safety Committee works collaboratively with staff and parents to regularly assess our campus for potential hazards and revise and update emergency procedures, if necessary.  The Comprehensive Safety Plan is adhered to throughout the year and annually reviewed and modified as necessary.  Monthly fire drills and quarterly disaster drills are one component of the emergency disaster procedures routinely practiced at Niles.

Each classroom contains an emergency backpack with necessary supplies and parent release information.  The schools Emergency Plan includes procedures for earthquakes, fire, threatening individuals, bomb threats, and shelter-in-place emergencies.  There is a disaster supply shed located on-site which contains emergency medical supplies, equipment, food, and water.  The school has an evacuation bell system and a smoke detector system to protect the facility.  The School Safety Plan was last reviewed, updated, and discussed with the school faculty at the beginning of the school year.

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