Pick-Up and Drop-Off Instructions

Students should not arrive any earlier than 8:15 a.m., (unless arriving for 7:45am breakfast) to ensure properly staffed supervision once they arrive.

All students should use the crosswalk when crossing the street. Parents should not allow students to exit the vehicle while on the street and allow students to dart in between ongoing traffic. Exiting a vehicle in this manner is a safety hazard and prevents students from learning and using appropriate traffic safety rules.

If students arrive at school before yard-duty supervision is available, students must wait behind the RED line (between the first building and the office), until a yard-duty teacher comes to escort them to the playground area.

On rainy days, 3rd & 5th grade students are required to report to the multi-purpose room and wait for their teacher to escort them to class. Second grade classes report to the library and first graders meet in Room 7- the counselor’s room right next to the office on the playground side.

Check the school calendar on a regular basis to be aware of early release days, and to pick-up your child accordingly. For safety reasons, your child should be instructed to report to the office to call a contact person if they are not picked-up on time.

Students may ride bicycles to school, at the owner's risk, but must lock them at the bike rack area at the front of the school. It is also state law that the students wear a helmet. They may not take bicycles on campus, unless it is for a special educational event, and then only with parent and teacher approval. Skateboards, scooters and inline skates are not allowed on campus and should not be used as a means to come to school.

Please consult the using the loop section to review the rules for using the drive-in loop, as well as other important instructions for bringing your student to school by car.

The Patterson campus is open 15 minutes before and after school hours only. Please help us by dropping off and picking up students on time.

  • Students are allowed on campus at 8:15 a.m. and must be picked up by 3:10 p.m. Students should not arrive earlier or stay later than these times, as they will be considered unsupervised.
  • THE STAFF PARKING LOT IS NOT FOR STUDENT DROP-OFF. This creates a very hazardous situation for students and staff. The staff parking lot is for staff parking, drop-off and pick-up of handicapped students, and emergency personnel only.
  • Students should be dropped off in the loop driveways in the front and back of the school.
  • NO LEFT TURN when exiting the student drop-off driveway. RIGHT TURN ONLY.

Thank you in advance for following these simple traffic rules, as your child’s safety is our Number 1 Concern.