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                             Vista Alternative High School Profile 2023-2024                                

4455 Seneca Park Avenue, Fremont, CA  94538

Ph: 510-657-7028; Fax 510-657-5535

                               https://fremontunified.org/robertson       CEEB Code:  050952  


Administrator and Counselor Team 

Salvador Herrera, Jr., Principal 

Sheila Jemo, Assistant Principal 

Michael Hellerud, Counselor                                   



2021-2026 Western Association of Schools and Colleges Full Accreditation


Student Demographics

Asian 57%

Black or African American 4%

Hispanic/Latino 19%

White 15%

Am. Indian/Alaskan Native 4%

Total enrollment: 76


College Bound (Class of 2023 Statistics)

Total class size (2023) 26

Four year college/university 28%

Two year college  57% Other (work/military) 15%  


The School and Community

Vista Alternative is Fremont Unified School District’s Independent Study program for students in seventh to twelfth grade. The program offers engaging learning tailored to an independent model of instruction and learning.  Vista students usually show a strong academic background that supports their capabilities of learning through the independent study model. Vista Alternative has been serving the Fremont community since 1980.  Fremont, California is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and welcomes families from various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Fremont is a suburban city in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley and is composed of families from all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.  


The Unique offerings of Vista Alternative

Vista Alternative offers a rigorous curriculum for grades 7-12.  Vista uses Edmentum online software which is an approved course provider by the University of California (UC) “a-g”.  Students meet with teachers a minimum of twice a week on days that match their personal schedules.  This allows students with athletic, artistic or other interests to have a school schedule that meets their needs while also preparing them for a successful University experience. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to motivate, challenge and prepare students to succeed in an ever-changing and diverse world. Our program provides a safe and secure alternative learning environment that is tailored to accommodate individual needs, circumstances, or preferences that are not met by a traditional setting.  Our curriculum is an academically rigorous blended learning model that combines direct instruction and independent study.


COVID-19 Impact 

Shelter in place went into effect on March 13, 2019 and students completed the remaining part of 2019 as well as the 2020-2021 school year virtually. The school board adopted a Credit/No Credit grading policy for the second semester of the 2018-2019 school year as a result of the rapid transition from in-person instruction to virtual learning. The 2020-2021 school year began as 100%  distance learning district-wide with synchronous and asynchronous instruction. The graduation requirement for service learning was removed for the 2020 and 2021 graduates and  reduced for 2022, 2023, and 2024 graduates.  


Honors and Advanced Placement Courses

Vista students can take AP classes through Dual Enrollment with a comprehensive high school.


Graduation Requirements

English                          40  Units

Math                              30  Units

Social Science               30  Units 

Science                          20  Units 

Fine Arts/ World Lang  10  Units

Physical Education        20  Units

Health                             5  Units  

Electives                        45  Units 

Total                            200 Units 


Transcript Legend:

P= College Preparatory

H= Honors Level 

AP= Advanced Placement


Grading Legend:

I= Incomplete

NC= No Credit

R= Repeat Class

RF/ RD= Repeated for Credit 

N= No Grade

CR= Credit Received (Spring 2020 only) 

NCR= No Credit (Spring 2020 only)


GPA and Related Procedures 

Fremont Unified School District does not allow acceleration of coursework and does not rank students. A student's overall  GPA is not weighted and is based on a 4-point scale.


Class Lengths and Units

Each class is 5 units per semester, 10 units per school year. 


Service Learning

FUSD’s Board of Education affirms the importance of service learning as a high school graduation requirement as a vital part of the instructional program and supports service learning as an instructional strategy. This enables students to be confident, effective thinkers and problem-solvers, as well as ethical participants in society.  40 hours of service learning are required of students to be completed between 9th and 12th grade in order to graduate.

* Only 30 hours are required for the 2024 graduates.