Welcome to Robertson


Welcome to Robertson
Robertson High School Profile 2024-2025
4455 Seneca Park Avenue, Fremont, CA 94538

Ph: 510-657-9155 Fax: 510-657-5535
https://fremontunified.org/robertson/ CEEB Code: 050961


Administrator and Counselor Team

Salvador Herrera, Jr., Principal

Sheila Jemo, Assistant Principal
Annabel Chai, Counselor

Accreditation and Distinguishments

2021-2026 Western Association of Schools and Colleges Full Accreditation 2012-2026 State Recognized Model Continuation High School
2018-Present Nationally Recognized Solution Tree PLC Model School

Student Demographics
Asian 14
Black or African American 9

Filipino 7
Hispanic/Latino 112
White 24
Two or More Races 2

None reported 1
Total enrollment: 169

College Bound (Class of 2024 Statistics)
Total class size (2024)111 College 68%
Military 3%
Work 18%
Vocational Training 3% Not sure yet 8%

The School and Community

Robertson High School is the only continuation high school serving the five comprehensive high schools in the Fremont Unified School District. Robertson has been serving the Fremont community since 1980.

Fremont, California is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and welcomes families from various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Fremont is a suburban city in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley and is composed of families from all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. The Robertson faculty provides a nurturing and positive environment for students to thrive personally and academically. This enables students to reach their goal of academic success through course completion and graduation.

The Unique offerings of Robertson High School Robertson High School is a small learning community, where students receive extra support and resources to succeed academically. We provide an alternate route for students to graduate high school who have encountered difficulties in traditional high school settings. We understand each student has different needs. The RHS staff meet students at their level, create a strong foundation, and build up. This supportive culture is possible because of the strong relationships between staff, students, and families.

Although the students may come from different backgrounds and experiences, they come together and work towards their common goals as a community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to engage, challenge, and support our students as individuals in an equitable educational environment where they develop internal belief and external skills to thrive beyond earning a high school diploma.

Honors, Advanced Placement, and ROP Courses
Robertson students can take Honors and AP classes through Dual Enrollment with a comprehensive high school. Students can also take CTE courses at MVROP.

Graduation Requirements
English 40 Units
Math 30 Units
Social Science 30 Units

Science 20 Units
Fine Arts/ World Lang 10 Units

Physical Education 20 Units

Health 5 Units
Electives 45 Units
Total 200 Units

Transcript Legend:
P= College Preparatory H= Honors Level
AP= Advanced Placement

Grading Legend:
I= Incomplete NC= No Credit R= Repeat Class
RF/ RD= Repeated for Credit N= No Grade
CR= Credit Received (Spring 2020 only) NCR= No Credit (Spring 2020 only)

GPA and Related Procedures
Fremont Unified School District does not allow acceleration of coursework and does not rank students. A student's overall GPA is not weighted and is based on a 4-point scale.

Class Lengths and Units
Students take 4 classes each quarter. Each class is 5 units per quarter. Students earn 20 units per quarter and 80 units per school year.

Service Learning
FUSD’s Board of Education affirms the importance of service learning as a high school graduation requirement as a vital part of the instructional program and supports service learning as an instructional strategy. This enables students to be confident, effective thinkers and problem-solvers, as well as ethical participants in society. 40 hours of service learning are required of students to be completed between 9th and 12th grade in order to graduate.