World Languages


...American HS & Thornton JHS in collaboration. We encourage students to start in junior high school. If you don’t start in junior high school, then sign up for a world language in high school. Registration begins in late February!

...Highly-qualified teachers who actively participate in their students’ whole academic experience.

  • Teachers find opportunities for students to practice their language skills at school and in the community.
  • Students go on field trips, such as to the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, museums, among others.
  • Students participate in cultural activities on a regular basis.
  • Students also have the opportunity to participate in contests (French National Contest, consulate, professional) and other events to demonstrate their language proficiency.
  • Students use “realia” or authentic materials, newspaper articles, pictures, movies, short video & music clips, literature & technology in the classroom for student to learn & to demonstrate acquisition of language.
  • Teachers facilitate students in peer tutoring and other intervention activities, such as one-on-one assistance, group tutoring, parent-teacher conferences.
  • Level 1 through Honors /Advanced Placement in French (4H, 5AP, 6 Civilization & Culture of the French-speaking World); Spanish 1-3, AP Spanish Language & Culture; Levels 1-4 in Mandarin Chinese.

10 Reasons to take a world Language

  1. Make new friends and expand your mind.
  2. Become a more globally-viable businessperson.
  3. Understand the world and your own language better.
  4. Study, travel, & work abroad.
  5. Gain a competitive edge in a global economy.
  6. Discover other cultures beyond your world.
  7. Improve your skills in your own language & other subjects.
  8. Increase your results in standardized tests and set yourself apart by participating in language competitions
  9. Meet college recommendations (at least 3 years of the same language for limited proficiency; 4 years preferred, including Honors/AP.)
  10. Receive a California State Seal of Biliteracy.

Department Directory

J. Navarrete (510) 796-1776 ex: 57314
World Language Teacher and Dept. Chair
A. Barbu (510) 796-1776 ex: 57315
World Language Teacher
A. Carel (510) 796-1776 ex: 57313
World Language Teacher
R. Contreras (510) 796-1776 ex: 57011
World Language Teacher
V. Greene (510) 796-1776 ex: 57905
World Language Teacher
L. Huang (510) 796-1776 ex: 57020
World Language Teacher
K. Lopez (510) 796-1776 ex: 57321
World Language Teacher
A. Reid (510) 796-1776 ex: 57019
World Language Teacher
C. Riley (510) 796-1776 ex: 57316
World Language Teacher