Welcome to Azevada

Welcome to Azevada School!  We are the All-Stars and we strive to live up to that name.  Our efforts align with our district mission: Fremont Unified School District's business is education. The student is the customer. Our role is to provide each student with essential skills to succeed in life.

We are a diverse school community whose coordinated efforts are focused on the personal, academic, and social development of all our students. This involves celebrating and continuing to build on our strengths, including: Competent, diverse, caring staff committed, involved parent community,   rigorous and stimulating curriculum energetic students who want to do well. It is our duty to provide the best instruction possible, as it is the right of every child to receive the best education we can provide.

Our Academic Performance Index (API) rose 53 points in the last three years. All subgroups identified by the state and federal government have surpassed their goals. Our library book circulation is twice that of other schools in the district.

We believe that a safe and modern learning environment helps students to achieve their goals.  Over the past few years, our site has been modernized with safety and seism tic upgrades.  We now feel that we have one of the best learning environments for our students.