Community Connections

How can you help? 

PTA Helpers:

In order to run the numerous programs that happen through the course of the school year volunteers are needed at every turn. Pay attention to the Parent Bulletin, the Gomes Gazette, and the friendly PTA President emails for volunteer opportunities. Those who fill out the questionnaire are added into a database for that event and when time comes the event coordinator will contact you to arrange a time that works for you.

Classroom Helpers:

In Kindergarten there are plenty of volunteering opportunities. If you missed September's Back to School night, be sure to talk to your child's teacher.

Teachers for grades 1-3 also generally ask for volunteers for classroom duties. This is less common in the upper grades (4-6).Most teachers will request help at some point to help drive for field trips. Be sure your auto insurance is up to date and has adequate coverage.


Music for Minors II is a non-profit volunteer docent music enrichment program which has provided music education in local elementary schools since 1988. The program brings a 30-minute weekly musical experience to students in grades K6 and provides a comprehensive, developmental supplement to the existing classroom curriculum. Gomes PTA organizes Music for Minors II at Gomes.

MFMII docents have a variety of musical ability and experience in working with children. Docents go through a 54-hour training program accredited by Ohlone College, which takes place from September through November each year. The program is taught by a team of credentialed music instructors.

Have you enjoyed the sixth graders Dig It! performance? It is directed by Music for Minors II docents. So are the fourth and fifth grade shows, "How the West was REALLY Won", and "Take Your Hats Off". Other student performances through the year are also directed by Music for Minors II docents. Your participation as a docent allows these popular programs to happen.

Docents at Gomes are typically parents of enrolled students.

Interested in being a docent? Contact the Music for Minors II liaisons.

Help Create Our Yearbook

Every year, a Gomes yearbook full of memories from the year as well as class photos is available for sale to all parents. If you love to take pictures and are good at digital photo editing or page layout, or want to learn, please contact the Gomes office to find out how you can help.

F.A.M.E. (Fine Arts Mini Experience)

FAME (Fine Arts Mini Experience) is an art and music program funded by PTA. Volunteers do it all, and we need your help to make FAME a success.

FAME players are parent volunteers who teach an art and music appreciation lesson to individual classes. Your child will be delighted to see mom or dad in the classroom! No experience or knowledge of art or music is necessary. All information and materials are supplied. You can learn right along with your children and see how much fun it is! The lessons range from 20-25 minutes for first grade to 45-60 minutes for fifth and sixth grades.

There are six meetings during the year which run from 1:45pm through 2:35pm in the school library. At each meeting a demonstration of that months lesson is presented. The lesson is videotaped in the event you cannot attend. These meetings are provided for your benefit and attendance is voluntary. The meetings are held on the last Wednesday of the following months: September, October, November, January, February, and April.

FAME is a very rewarding experience for all involved. We need at least two FAME players for each classroom to cover first through sixth grades. At the request of the Kindergarten teachers, FAME is not taught at this grade level.


Volunteers on Campus

Volunteers at a school must sign in and out, must wear a visitor badge at all times, and must follow all site-specific protocols.

Volunteer Clearance

Volunteers without clearance to independently supervise students must remain under the supervision and direction of a designated certificated employee while working with students.

Volunteers who independently supervise students (such as when driving or coaching students) must submit an application through CiviCore, and may need to meet additional requirements, such as:

  • Volunteers who are transporting students must submit proof of insurance.
  • Volunteers who are independently supervising students must undergo fingerprinting and a background check.
  • Volunteer coaches must undergo fingerprinting and a background check, and must submit proof of a negative TB test from within the last year.

Reference: California Education Code 49024