Programs & Services

AOK Club

AOK! Club is an after-school academic intervention program that pairs Mission High School students (they earn community service credit required for graduation) with Gomes students for a weekly tutoring session. Session lessons are prepared and monitored by Gomes teachers. Lessons are tailored for the individual needs of participating students. *Currently on hold. Information will be provided via the Parent Bulletin, school email, Konstella, or Peachjar.


All interested fourth , fifth , and sixth graders are welcome to sign up for Fremont Education Foundation's After-School Band at Gomes. Band classes begin in October and run through May. Returning students must complete a new registration form to secure a spot. Space is limited, so sign up early. Register online or pick up a form in the Gomes school office.

The Fremont Education Foundation is a non-profit public charity formed to encourage increased community involvement and investment in our schools. *Currently on hold. Information will be provided via the Parent Bulletin, school email, Konstella, or Peachjar.

Basketball Teams

We have basketball teams for Fifth and Sixth Grade boys and girls. Watch the parent bulletin for details of open gym hours and tryouts in October and November. *Information will be provided via the Parent Bulletin, school email, Konstella, or Peachjar.

Gopher Books Club

Gopher Books Club meets once a month after school for 1 hour. The club is open to all interested fourth, fifth and sixth graders. Each month, students can choose one of the three selected book titles to read. At the monthly meeting, the books are discussed in an informal atmosphere. The emphasis is on reading for enjoyment. Snacks and juice are served. Gopher Books Club is sponsored by Gomes School Site Council. To participate in Gopher Books Club, you need to turn in a permission slip available in the Gomes office. *Currently on hold. Information will be provided via the Parent Bulletin, school email, Konstella, or Peachjar.

Chess Club

Do you know how to play chess? Do you want to learn? Under the direction of Success Chess, players of all grade levels and abilities meet in the library to learn new skills and compete against each other. Enrollment for Chess Club begins in the fall, and a whole year commitment is required.

Skilled players may choose to participate in the Chess Team and compete with players from other schools throughout the state.

The cost per semester for each member will generally range between $144 and $180 for 18 weeks, depending on the cost for facilities use. Discounts are given for multi-child families, and Success Chess can provide scholarships for special circumstances. The rates are calculated at an average of $8 per child per meeting. This cost may be increased depending on the cost for the use of the facilities and the ratio of instructors to students. Each session lasts from one hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and a half. However, a few of our Team instructors often ask that the children remain for two hours.

*Information will be provided via the Parent Bulletin, school email, Konstella, or Peachjar.

Computer Club

The after-school computer club is open to any interested third through sixth graders for six meetings during the fall. *Currently on hold. Information will be provided via the Parent Bulletin, school email, Konstella, or Peachjar.

Eco Club

Eco-Club is an environmental education program for 4th through 6th grade students interested in service learning opportunities. This responsible group of Eco-Rangers operates the school-wide weekly recycling program, working cooperatively to pick up recycling bins from all areas of our Gomes Campus. We also provide two school clean-ups, restoring the natural environments of Gomes and reducing pollution into Mission Creek and the San Francisco Bay. Service learning opportunities such as these provide life-long rewards, proving to our students that we can make a difference!

During our monthly meetings, students participate in hands-on science lessons that promote ecological awareness, values, attitudes, and behavior. We explore waste reduction, recycling management, preservation of our natural resources, 4 R's, pollution prevention, watershed ecology, climate change, and other related topics. This is a great opportunity for our upper-grade students to develop greater responsibility and appreciation of our beautiful planet and its many natural resources.

Sign up for Eco Club is in September.

*Information will be provided via the Parent Bulletin, school email, Konstella, or Peachjar.

Odyssey of the Mind

Does your child have a good imagination? Does he or she like to create and build things, solve problems, and enjoy working with a team? If your child is between the grades 3 and 6, you may want to consider having him or her join an Odyssey of the Mind team. Odyssey of the Mind is an extra-curricular program at Gomes that involves these skills. Teams will normally meet two times a week at the beginning of the school year, more often in the spring. Parental involvement is essential to team success. Teams may compete at the regional, state, and international levels.

For more information about this program, see the international home page for Odyssey of the Mind.

*Information will be provided via the Parent Bulletin, school email, Konstella, or Peachjar.


Over the summer encourage your child’s creativity, artistic expression, and growth by having them participate in the PTA Reflections Program. The Reflections Program is designed to provide opportunities for students to express themselves and to receive positive recognition for their artistic efforts. Each year, the PTA Reflections Program challenges students to create art inspired by a specific theme.

Student submissions begin in Fall, but take advantage of your child’s time away from school and have them start work now. Summer is the perfect season for creativity to bloom. Give them the chance and opportunity to create while having a long break from everyday school work. When children express themselves through words, pictures, music, dance, and other art forms, they grow intellectually and socially. They learn to analyze their thoughts, feelings, and ideas; learn to look at things, people, and experiences in a fresh and exciting way; and become more interested in the ideas and works of others.

The program has six arts areas and all grades from K-6 can enter —dance choreography, film production, literature, musical composition, photography, and visual arts.

General Guidelines

  • All entries submitted must be original works and must relate to the current year’s Reflections Program theme.
  • Each entry must be the work of only one student. Assistance from teachers, parents, or friends is not permitted except in special cases (such as students with physical disabilities).


A Word to Parents

As with any student activity, parent involvement and support are very important. But parents must remember that student artists need to be responsible for their own work. Children must make their own decisions about what to create and what to enter in the Reflections Program. By producing their own literature, musical compositions, photographs, films, dance routines, and visual artwork, children learn about the arts and, more importantly, they learn about themselves. Students should simply do their best; crooked lines, incorrect musical notes, or misspelled words do not disqualify anyone.

PTA's Reflections Program helps parents encourage the creativity and continuous self-discovery process of their children. Supporting the Reflections Program is one way you can support the arts in your home, school, and community.

PTA Reflections Partner  If you’re still not convinced Reflections is the art Program for your child to be part of then maybe our partner Parenting Magazine can convince you.

Please fell free to contact us over the summer with any questions you might have.


Michelle Hertel and Diane Geschke

Reflection Co Chairs

[email protected] [email protected]


*Information will be provided via the Parent Bulletin, school email, Konstella, or Peachjar.


Safety Patrol

Fifth and sixth grade students and parent volunteers: take a part in assuring the safety of all Gomes students during the morning and afternoon commute. As a part of Gomes safety patrol, you help Gomes students cross the local streets safely, and you help them into and out of their cars. You also help parents understand the rules that allow the morning and afternoon commutes operate efficiently and safely.

Every student and parent on the Gomes Safety patrol work the morning and afternoon once per week. Sign up at the end of the previous school year, and then take part in a training session just before the school year starts.

*Please visit Gomes PTA at for contact and information.


Boy Scouts

If your son is in first through fourth grade and is interested in learning life and leadership skills while having fun, come to the cub scout informational night held mid September to find out more (for exact date please see the calendar on our pack website). Parents may bring their potential scout. We especially are looking for more first and second grade boys to join.

Cub Scout Pack 447 meets at Gomes School and provides opportunities for boys in the first through fifth grade. This unit is over 35 years old and has provided consistent quality programs for 50 to 70 boys each year. The boys meet together as a pack monthly, and individually in smaller groups of between 4 and eight boys more frequently in groups called dens or patrols. Scouting provides opportunities for youth to have fun, develop leadership skills, grow and develop physically, mentally, and morally. See the pack website for information on joining the Cub Scouts

Boy Scout Troop 111 provides great learning experiences and camaraderie for boys in the sixth grades.

Girl Scouts

If you are interested in joining a troop in the Fremont / Newark area, please fill out and submit the form at the of Girl Scouts of San Francisco Bay Area. You will be added to a Placement List and the Girl Scouts will do their best to place the girl into a troop. You may also use this form to become a Girl Scout Leader too!

Yearbook Art Contest

Create a work of art with the Gomes theme of the year, and it could grace the cover of the Yearbook! Your classmates and their parents vote for their favorites, and the artwork that collects the most votes is the winner. Watch the Parent Bulletin and the web site for this year contest announcement.

*Please visit Gomes PTA at for contact and information.

Young Author's Contest

Every two years (alternating with the Science Fair), Fremont Unified School District holds the Young Authors Contest. Students of any grade are encouraged to create a fictional story which is then judged on originality, grammar, and organization. Winners move on to the district competition.


*Information will be provided via the Parent Bulletin, school email, Konstella, or Peachjar.