School Counseling Services

Why Elementary School Counseling?

  • The school counseling program teaches knowledge, attitudes, and skills students need to become healthy, competent, and confident learners. 
  • The counselor works as a team with students, parents and community to create a caring atmosphere to support children's needs through prevention, early identification and intervention which serves as the foundation for future success. 

Elementary School Counselors:

  • Implement classroom guidance focusing on understanding of self and others, coping strategies, peer relationships and social skills, communication, problem-solving, decision-making, conflict resolution, study skills and career awareness.
  • Provide individual and small group counseling dealing with self-image and self esteem, personal adjustment, family issues, interpersonal concerns, academic development, behavior management, peer facilitation and peer mediation.
  • Provide assessment by helping students identify their skills, abilities, achievements and interests through counseling and guidance activities and interpretation of standardized tests.
  • Work with specialized populations and needs that require special attention, such as culturally diverse populations and students with varying abilities.
  • Provide consultation with teachers, administrators, school psychologists and outside agencies concerning the welfare of the students.
  • Make appropriate referrals for special services for students and families within the school and community.
  • Communicate and exchange information with parents/guardians by way of conferences, parent education workshops and newsletters.
  • Participate as members of the school improvement and interdisciplinary teams and work as liaisons with parent and teacher organizations.

Individual and Group Counseling Sessions are:

  • Short-term between 6-10 weeks
  • Run during school hours
  • Open to all students
  • Goal/skill-centered

How Does a Student See the Counselor?

  • Administrative/teacher referral
  • Student self-referral
  • Parent/guardian referral