Hopkins Homework Policy

In accordance with Board Policy 6154, Hopkins Junior High School has adopted the following Homework Policy:

  • The total time for student homework will be within the district adopted standards of 60 - 90 minutes per evening (or 240-360 minutes per week) for 7th and 8th grades.  Homework will be reasonable in expectation, appropriate to the developmental needs of the students, and relevant to instruction. This time allotted is based upon the performance of the average students in the class.
  • Because the Board supports the development of life-long readers, students will be assigned additional outside reading:

By grade 8, they should read one million words annually, roughly 20-30 minutes per night.

  • Homework will not be assigned on Back To School Night or Open House that is due the next school day, and will be limited during standardized testing.  It will not be assigned on Fridays, during breaks and vacations as a regular practice.
  • Homework will be reviewed, corrected, and feedback will be given to students within a timely manner.
  • Homework given in Honors/Accelerated classes will conform to the time estimates for other non-Honors/Accelerated classes.  These students will do differentiated, not more homework.
  • Unless special arrangements are made, tests in the subjects of English, science and physical education will be given on even dates and tests in mathematics, history, and foreign language will be given on odd dates.  This schedule will rotate every year.
  • Students with excused absences will be allowed the same number of days as absences to complete homework.
  • Teachers will communicate Classroom Homework Plans to parents and students in writing and at Back to School Night and on their syllabi and websites.
  • This School Homework Policy will be re-evaluated annually and communicated to parents in our newsletter and website.