"To and From School"

Safe Routes to School from The City of Fremont - Recommended for Hopkins

Hopkins Drop-Off and Pick-Up Area Map

Dropping your child off

Dear Parents,

Although we strongly recommend that you utilize our school’s traffic loop, if you are dropping off and picking up your child in front of our school on Driscoll Road, we think it would be helpful to clarify the most effective and legal way of doing so.

  1. It is illegal to drive in or stop anywhere along the curb marked in red.There is a City of Fremont sign that clearly labels the drop off zone where it is legal to stop your vehicle.This is not conveniently located exactly in front of our school so your child will need to walk just a little further than you may prefer.Over the last several weeks, the Fremont Police Department has issued numerous tickets to those that violate the law.So, if you would like to avoid the possibility of a ticket, please be sure to follow the above guidelines.
  2. Please do not attempt to have your child get into or out of your vehicle when it is unsafe or illegal.This would include when you are parked illegally (as mentioned above), when you are actually stopped in the lane of traffic, or when you have parked in such a way that your vehicle’s back end is jutting out into traffic.We will act to ensure your child’s safety and the safety of others, so please understand that we will prevent your child from getting into or out of your vehicle when it is unsafe or illegal to do so.
  3. When pulling into the drop off zone, please pull forward as far as possible so that other vehicles may pull in behind you.This will help to prevent vehicles from trying to get into an open spot between two vehicles and blocking the traffic lane because the back end of their vehicle is jutting out into traffic.
  4. If there is no room to pull over into the loading zone, please continue to the front of the line (there is often plenty of room to pull over nearer to St. Anthony Street) or even turn onto St. Anthony Street and drop your child off there.When you stop in the lane of traffic, waiting and hoping for a spot to open up, you block the traffic behind you from moving and we have witnessed many times a dangerous situation that leads to frustration and road rage in other drivers who have used the school’s traffic loop and are trying to get through to Mission Boulevard.
  5. At the intersection of St. Anthony and Driscoll, many parents are trying to perform a U-turn in order to proceed south on Driscoll after they have dropped off their child—this is especially true in the morning.We have witnessed parents blocking two lanes of traffic as they try to get into this left hand turn lane.If you have dropped off your child in front of the school, please drive all the way up to Mission to make a safer U-turn back onto Driscoll Road.
  6. Finally, because Hopkins students are older and no longer in elementary school, the Fremont Police Department has recommended that parents begin to drop off and pick up their children in the surrounding neighborhood and have them walk a short distance to or from school.This will help to alleviate the severe traffic congestion along Driscoll Road in the morning and afternoon.

Thanks for your help in keeping all of our students safe.