Drop Off & Pick Up Locations

The link below shows the locations that you can drop off and pick up your students before and after school.

Here are a couple of reminders about drop off and pick up:

  • Cars entering the school loop for drop off must stay in the right hand lane and only drop off on the marked passenger loading zone area.
  • If the left hand lane is clear after you have dropped off your student you may use the left lane for through traffic to exit.  Note:  The right hand drop lane and the left hand through traffic lane merge into one lane for exiting the parking lot
  • Cars in the drop off zone should pull as far forward as they can behind the next car in line.
  • Students MAY NOT exit the driver side of the car.  Exit can only take place on the curbside from the passenger side of the car
  • Drivers should never park their car or exit their vehicle when in the drop off zone.
  • Cars should not park in the parking lot and unload your child.  Parents are not allowed to park in the parking lot for drop off.
  • Cars can drop off at the sidewalk in the front of the school on Irvington Avenue
  • Cars can drop off at the side of the school on Chapel way. Please do not drop off in the AC transit drop off zone if dropping off on Chapel.
  • If students are dropped off on the street curbside they should use the sidewalk to get to the school grounds  No students are allowed to walk in the parking lot areas
  • Once in the drop off zone area, cars may only turn right from the parking lot.  Note:  you may have an extended wait time if you are in the drop off zone due to traffic on Irvington Avenue.  Please plan on extended wait times if you use the school drop off loop.

Drop Off and Pick Up Locations


Thank you for following the safety procedures for drop off and pick up.  Again, a reminder, if you are in a hurry to drop off your student, you may reconsider using the school loop drop off zone as it will tend to get congested and take you longer to be on your way.


We look forward to having a safe and exciting school year!