Independent Study

A short-term Independent Study contract is a voluntary alternative to a regular classroom program of instruction when a student is absent from school for not less than five (5) and not more than ten (10) consecutive school days.

In Grades K-12, only one Independent Study contract per school year is allowed. Students may not be on short term Independent Study more than three (3) times while in Grades K-12. (BP/AR 6158) No Independent Study contracts will be issued for the first 20 days, the last 20 days of the school year, or during state testing times. Schools are not obligated to provide students with an Independent Study contract. The availability of an Independent Study contract must be agreed upon by mutual consent of the principal, teacher, parent/guardian, and student. Students should only be placed on Independent Study if the student can successfully accomplish their academics. (EC 51745(a) and 51747 (c)(7))

Requests for Independent Study contracts must be given to the teacher(s) at least 10 school days prior to the first day of the absence (in the event of an emergency, contact the principal). A written Independent Study contract must be completed, signed and dated for each participating student prior to the starting date of the Independent Study. The contract must contain all the components prescribed by law. Each student’s Independent Study contract shall be coordinated, evaluated and carried out under the general supervision of a certificated teacher. All assigned work is due on the day upon which the student is scheduled to return to the classroom and shall be graded by appropriately credentialed teachers.

Students who have previously been granted an Independent Study Agreement and have not successfully completed a previous Independent Study agreement, are not eligible for any subsequent short-term Independent Study agreements. No individual with disabilities, as defined in Education Code 56026, may participate in Independent Study unless the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) specifically provides for such participation. (EC 51745 (c))