Welcome to Irvington

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On a 47-acre campus, Irvington High opened in 1961, it underwent major construction in 1968, resulting in the addition of a 150-seat theater, a second gymnasium, and ten-and-a-half classrooms. Irvington is the district magnet school for visual and performing arts.

Irvington is committed to continuing our focus on character, and living a healthy and balanced life. You will hear administrators and teachers talk about getting involved, making good choices, and focusing on physical and emotional health. We have a responsibility to go beyond preparing students with the skills for their future endeavors we also need to ensure that they have integrity and compassion as they move beyond high school. In this highly competitive academic environment, students need understand that they have a personal responsibility to approach their lives with honesty and integrity to live a balanced life.


Mission Statement:
"IHS provides a safe, creative community that challenges students to develop their courage, empathy, knowledge, and passions."

Vision Statement
“The Irvington community inspires students to be curious, knowledgeable, and compassionate throughout their lives”