Office & Principals

41800 Blacow Rd
Fremont, CA 94538

Phone: 510.656.5711
Fax: 510.623.9805

Office hours: 8:00 - 3:45

This CAMPUS MAP contains the locations for rooms on campus.

This area map contains the locations for:

  • Irvington High School (blue)
  • feeder: Horner Middle School (yellow)
  • feeder: Elementary Schools (green)
  • FUSD (red)
  • Wally Pond Community Center (purple)
  • Ohlone/MVROP (cyan)

Click on the markers for more information on each location.

Wellness Center

The Irvington Wellness Center is open to students daily while on campus.

LGBTQ (Transgender and Gender Variant) Support Contacts

Each school site shall designate a school site contact for assisting students regarding rights and issues of transgender and gender variant students. If school administrators or designated school site contacts have questions regarding assisting students under Board Policy 5145.5 and this regulation AR 5145.5, they shall contact the Director of Elementary or Secondary Education, as appropriate.
LGBTQ (Transgender and Gender Variant) Support Contacts