School-wide Outcomes

Personal Responsibility

  1. Uses time and materials effectively
  2. Demonstrates dependability, self-control, and self-management
  3. Shows initiative
  4. Practices teamwork
  5. Maintains good attendance and punctuality
  6. Practices academic honesty
  7. Uses technology with integrity

Social Responsibility

  1. Cooperates with others by sharing ideas and work loads
  2. Supports the well being of the classroom, school, community and the environment
  3. Respects diversity
  4. Understands how individual choices affect the community
  5. Participates in the democratic process


  1. Expresses ideas in standard English, spelling, vocabulary, and mechanics
  2. Speaks clearly at a pace, volume, and tone appropriate to audience
  3. Listens actively and with respect
  4. Uses appropriate language, dress, eye contact, and body language
  5. Uses visuals appropriate to purpose and audience
  6. Uses technology to enhance presentations and express ideas

Critical Thinking

  1. Gathers, organizes, and evaluates information to solve problems and generate solutions
  2. Supports opinions and conclusions with appropriate evidence
  3. Asks questions and reflects to affect positive change
  4. Makes connections and finds relationships across content areas

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