Donations & Wishlist

If you would like to make a donation to our school library and/or our technology needs, please click on the links below. Your generous donations will be processed securely by PayPal and managed by our PTSA. You may also support our school's PTSA by shopping at AmazonSmile (See the link and information below).

For Our School Library Your donation will go toward:

  • Students' printing and copying needs (over $1,000 each year)
  • Purchasing popular fiction and literature to help students complete outside reading assignments and develop a lifelong love of reading
  • Updating our collection of non-fiction books, especially to support students in our research and benchmark projects
  • Expanding our e-book library so students have access to updated electronic books on our computers or their own devices
  • Provide access to paid online academic databases and multimedia resources for students' research projects

** Our library operates on a budget of less than $1 per student per year, far less than the national average of $6 per student, while remaining an award-winning library with high circulation. Your donations help us provide the outstanding services our kids deserve. **

For Our School Technology Your donation will go toward:

  • Upgrading our over 600 expired laptops. It costs $300 to replace
  • Ceiling/wall-mount LCD projector in each classroom ($200 per classroom)
  • Other basic tech needs like surge protectors, cables, compressed air dusters, etc.

Donate to PTSA by shopping at

  • The first time you log on, select 3306 Irvington High PTSA as your charity.
  • You Shop. Amazon Gives.
  • No additional fees will be charged to you when you use this site.
  • Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to our Irvington PTSA

Help fund Irvington Conservatory Theatre

  • The Irvington Conservatory Theatre has been producing high quality theater and training young performers and technicians for decades
  • But it is impossible to support any theater or theater program through ticket sales alone
  • Anything you can donate will be much appreciated and there can be no better investment in the arts and our local youth
  • Your donation will ensure the survival and growth of this fabulous theater program

Give to Irvington Please Donate Online

Wishlist from Our Irvington Staff


Our library would be extremely grateful for donations of: tissues, printer paper, staples and paperclips, 3x5 index cards, scotch tape, magazines with content appropriate for high school, fiction books at your students' level (gently used is OK) or new nonfiction books. We regret that we cannot accept donations of nonfiction older than 5 years, fiction for students younger than grade 9, or books with highlighting, writing in them, or damage.


Large Screen Monitors/TVs: If you have large screen TVs (even the older plasma TVs) that are 65" or bigger that you are willing to donate to our school, we can begin replacing the old and dim projectors in our classrooms.  We have donated mobile carts that we can use to mount any donated large screen TVs. We can also schedule pickups if needed.


Donations made from this button will go toward a school, program or the district. If you would like to make a donation to ASB/PTA/PTO or any other parent group, please go to their specific website or inquire with your school office staff.

Thank you for your generosity.