Green Ventures Academy

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

Green Ventures is a green California partnership of hospitality, culinary arts, and business academy.  GVA students are involved in gardening, hunger awareness, recycling, and environmental service learning projects in homeroom.  GVA goals are to provide real solutions for living eco-friendly and healthy and for students to explore training and job skills in growing professions and industries.  Chef Moschetti is the Green Ventures Academy Coordinator and is always open to answering questions ( Other teachers involved are Ms. Teguia, Ms. Riehart, Mr. Lydon and Mr. Hunter.


Student's Experience With Green Ventures

"The Green Ventures Academy at John F Kennedy High School is a groundbreaking class that is blazing new trails for high school students who are interested in the green hospitality, tourist, and management industry. The class offers students many opportunities to gain experience and knowledge of careers that interest them. The academy goes on numerous field trips to job shadow and also to colleges to help the students get on a track to success. In addition they also recycle and grow organic crops to use in culinary class, which offers hands on learning. I am glad that I joined Green Ventures and Im sure many of my fellow classmates are as well." -Nate Bernardo

"I have been a part of Green Ventures for two years now and as the academy has grown so have I. The people in it are amazing and together we have grown into a large family that help each other succeed academically and in attempts of creating a greener future. The events we have catered to, the field trips weve been on and the projects we have set forth have given me the opportunity to many experiences that will help aid me in planning my future while still in high school. I am glad that Luke Aseo had dragged me into his advisory one day last year, or else I would have never been enrolled in such a great program." -Chelsea Ancheta  

Mari Moschetti

Mari Moschetti was a founding member of Green Ventures academy and has served as the Culinary and Hospitality teacher from the beginning.  She is the head of the academy and a driving force behind what we do.


Favorite Food:  Gnocchi in a gorgonzola cream sauce

Favorite Movie:  Grease

Why Did I Get Into Teaching:  My kindergarten teacher made learning so much fun! She taught us about diversity, connecting with people and opened our eyes to new things. I wanted to be a person like that.

What Is My Goal For This Year?:  To have students experience something new

JOShua Hunter

Joshua Hunter has been a member of the Green Ventures Academy for all his years at Kennedy.  He has enjoyed his experience immensely and is proud to be part of such a wonderful group of students and staff.  He currently teaches our 11th Grade US History Classes as well as our 12th Grade Government and Economics classes.


Favorite Food:  Everything!  I like all the foods!

Favorite Movie:  Hoosiers

Why Did I Get Into Teaching:  I really like working with youth and this was a career that allowed me to do it.

What Is My Goal For This Year?:  To improve my teaching methods to be more accessible to all students.

Kevin Lydon

Kevin Lydon has been a member of Green Ventures for the past five years.  He is a long time teacher here at Kennedy and when he was given the opportunity he jumped at it.  He currently teaches our 10th Grade English Classes and our 11th Grade English classes.


Favorite Food:  Pepperoni Pizza (thin crust)

Favorite Movie:  Dumb and Dumber

Why Did I Get Into Teaching:  

I was involved in a "student mentoring" program in college while playing baseball (we mentored a student at local Air Force base how had only one parent on base) and my older sister inspired me (she teaches).

What Is My Goal For This Year?:  

Become a better and more efficient teacher (help my students with their needs - academic or emotional)

Shana Riehart

Shana Riehart is the newest member of the GVA team. She spent the majority of her career working for San Jose Unified School District. This is her 10th year of teaching. Ms. Riehart loves yoga, reading, board games, and anything relating to Harry Potter.  She currently teaches our 10th Grade History classes.


Favorite Food:  Italian

Favorite Movie:  Thank You For Smoking

Why Did I Get Into Teaching:  My AP Euro teacher changed my life

What Is My Goal For This Year?:  To use green practices in my kitchen at home