Welcome to Leitch

James Leitch Elementary School is an unique elementary school within the Fremont Unified School District as we are the only kindergarten through second grade school in the district.  The school is composed of 3 Special Day Classes,  2 transitional kindergarten,  8 kindergarten classes, 8 first grade classes, and 8 second grade classes..    There are about 680 students on our campus during the current school year (2021 - 2022).

Our school is known for its high academic results.   In previous years, we have received awards for our academic achievement.  In 2011, we were selected as a National Blue Ribbon School.  In both 2010 and 2014 we were recognized with the California Distinguished School Award, and in 2016, we received the California Gold Ribbon School Award.

Our student  population is 90%  Asian, 4% white, 3%  Hispanic, and 3%  other.   Of the approximately 680 students, about 17% of the students are classified as English Learners. 

Our school has a wonderful parent population that is highly involved on our campus.  We get wonderful support during our yearly PTA fundraiser, “The Fall Stampede.”  A very large majority of the parents come to the school during both Back to School Night and Open House.  In addition, when there are parent events here on campus, such as Kindergarten "Meet and Greet", Kindergarten Reading & Writing nights, and other parent workshops, and there is always a very large parent turnout.  In addition, there are many parents here during various school events, such as the Halloween parade, the science fair, Variety Shows, and the multicultural dance.  Finally, we are able to integrate music and art into many of our classrooms.

Here at Leitch Elementary School, we try to provide a large variety of assemblies and special events for our students.  This includes many science/math based assemblies throughout the year.  We also integrate ethnic events and activities and a variety of ethnic songs during musical programs and events.  In addition, we utilize the Head, Heart, and Hands (H3) Character Education Program to help our students learn how to be respectful citizens. Monthly H3 assembly is held to honor students who demonstrated the character trait of the month.

We provide a variety of academic supports for our students throughout the year.  We are able to provide extra support for our students during the school day with small group differentiation.  Targeted intervention classes are held so that the students who are not meeting the grade level standards can receive the needed support.  We also provide counseling services for those students who need emotional and social support.  Finally, we are able to utilize large amounts of technology throughout the school to provide extra support and differentiation for our students. 

Vision and Mission


James Leitch Elementary School is a safe, nurturing, and motivating educational environment where students, parents, and teachers form a community of life-long learners who will demonstrate a love for learning, strong self-esteem, and good citizenship.


Our mission at Leitch Elementary School is to work together both as Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) among school staff and with parents and students to ensure that all of our students are learning the high level of academic skills included within the California State Standards and to promote our students' well-rounded development so that they become independent, critical thinkers, and respectful citizens.