Circulation Policy

Borrowing books

Students visit with their class once a week to hear a story and check out books. Books are checked out for one week and can be renewed.

  • Kindergartners may checkout two books a week.
  • 1st & 2nd graders may checkout two books a week and later three books per each teacher’s discretion.
  • 3rd  graders may checkout three books a week.
  • 4th graders may checkout four books a week.
  • 5th graders may checkout five books a week.
  • This is flexible if they are working on a class project.
  • Teachers have an unlimited checkout number and are checked out for a month.
  • Parents may checkout up to 10 books for 2 weeks.

Missing and lost books

Missing a library book? Once you find it get it back quickly, students may not checkout books until books are returned or account is cleared.

If a book is missing / overdue longer than a month the book must be paid for or replaced with an exact copy (hardcover for hardcover, not a paperback version).

  • Payment may be made in the form of cash or check (payable to Mattos Elementary).
  • Replacement fees are set by the district, $25 for hardcover books and $10 for paperbacks.
  • Students who owe money to library by the last week in May will not receive a final report card.