Student Enrichment Programs

Student Study Team (SST) and Coordination Of Services Team (COST) 

Students can be referred to the COST team, which is a group composed of the teacher, the principal, the COST coordinator, the psychologist, the resource teacher and the intervention teacher

Student Study Team occurs when testing may be recommended and possible special services considered to support student learning.  This team meets regularly as the safety net to monitor and plan for student success.

Language Development Program

Patterson School has some students who have limited English proficiency in addition to students with full English proficiency.  English Language Development instructional techniques are used by teachers who have certification in language development.
GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) Program
The Fremont Unified School District and Patterson Elementary are committed to providing a high quality equitable program for gifted and talented students in K-12 grades.  Teachers are trained to recognize and acknowledge the characteristics of students who are performing above grade level and who are strong candidates for nomination and identification for the GATE program.  At all Fremont schools, the GATE program provides an academically enriched program that teaches and extends the core curriculum.  If you are interested in more information about the GATE program, you may ask your student's teacher or review the FUSD link to the GATE program here.