Art Syllabus

Art Syllabus

Mr. Barry 

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Art Appreciation is a studio (hands on) course, designed around projects involving the principles and elements of Art. This class introduces students to some of the different medias and tools used in creating art. Art Appreciation is designed to give the students a basic understanding of Art, and its importance as a form of communication.


  1. Develop and use the vocabulary associated with art.


  2. Use and learn many methods, materials and tools used in an art studio


  3. Learn and apply California state standards, the elements and principles of art in their work


  4. Research, learn and write about different art works, artists, and artistic periods


  5. Develop skills necessary for constructive criticism of their own work and the work of others 

Studio Lab Fee:

Because of limited funds we cannot buy the needed supplies and equipment to offer quality classes and experiences for our students. To help fulfill a quality education for your child, I am asking for a $10 studio donation for supplies. This is a donation and can be used as a tax write-off and One hundred points of Extra Credit. Please send with your child cash or check payable to Robertson High School with students name on the check. Thank you for your support.

Credits: Students will earn 4 credits for classwork. One (1) credit will be issued based on completion of Benchmark.

Absence Policy: Robertson High School requires 75% attendance in all classes. Fifteen unexcused absences in one Trimester will result in class failure with zero credits earned.

 All Assignments must be completed in class for 70% of your grade. 

ALL missed work due to unexcused absence will be valued at a maximum of 50 points. 

Must complete all assignments or activities

Curriculum based on the following: 

California State Standards 

Quick review (prior Knowledge) 

Class participation 

Artist appreciation assignments 

Six week Art Report or Benchmarks 

Projects that are GANG or DRUG related, in POOR taste, or at the Instructors discretion will NOT be given credit

Grading Scale Will be:


 Above Average………B  


Need Improvement…..D


Class Rules:



Follow ALL safety rules