Policies & Handbook

Parent/Guardian & Student Handbook Notice of Rights & Responsibilities

Our Vision

The Weibel School Discipline Policy is based on Weibel’s goal, to provide a place for students, parents, and staff to work together so that each student can learn and grow I skills and knowledge in all areas of our curriculum.  Developing self-discipline, honesty, respect for others and interpersonal skills in our students is equal in importance to providing the opportunity for them to grow in knowledge.

Our Discipline Goals

At Weibel, everyone:

  1. Treats himself/herself and others with dignity and respect.
  2. Takes responsibility for his/her own behavior.
  3. Works to develop a strong and supportive relationship within our  community.

Classroom Behavior and Performance Policy

The staff at Weibel expects students to exhibit proper behavior and to perform academically.  Our Student of the Week, Caught Being Good, and Principals Awards programs have been established to reward positive behavior and academic achievement.  Special events during the school year will reward students and classrooms for implementing this policy.


Basic Rules for Good Behavior

  1. Students will treat all adults with respect.
  2. Students will treat each other with respect.
  3. Students will respect school property and that of others.

Basic Rules for Classroom Performance

  1. Students will complete all assignments.
  2. Students will follow all classroom rules.
  3. Students will not be disruptive to the learning process of others.

Dress Code

  • As a reminder, the FUSD dress code is described below.
  • Appropriate dress helps to set a positive tone for learning. Students at Weibel Elementary are to comply with the dress code as follows:
  • No thong sandals or open toe sandals should be worn to school. Shoes must be worn.
  • Tank-tops, off-the-shoulder shirts or blouses or those which show the midriff are not allowed.
  • See-through tops, muscle tops, tube tops or spaghetti straps are not allowed.
  • Shorts and skirts must be at least fingertip length when arms are held beside body.
  • Undergarments should not be visible.
  • Students in the Fremont Unified School District may not wear any gang-related clothing (bandannas, gang colors, insignia, etc)
  • Students may not wear hats indoors.
  • No clothing or item which represents drugs and/or alcohol, hate or discriminatory symbols, or illegal activity is permitted at school.
  • Sunglasses may only be worn outdoors, unless a doctors’ prescription permits it otherwise.
  • Taps and heel plates are not permitted.
  • Shoes with wheels on the heels are not permitted on campus.
  • Other inappropriate clothing, accessory or body marking as determined by the school administration may not be permitted.
  • Cellular phones, beepers, and other communication devices are not permitted at  school.

Students who don’t follow the dress code will be required to change clothing and parents will be notified. Thank you in advance for supporting us with the dress code.

Rewards and Recognition

  1. Student of the Week:  The classroom teacher will select a student each week to highlight in the classroom.
  2. Caught Being Good:  Weibel staff may spontaneously hand out blue tickets to students who have behaved appropriately, excelled academically or have gone beyond the call of duty to provide a service to the school or another student or staff member.

Special Awards Events

  1. Caught Being Good Drawing:  Each week tickets are drawn by the principal and winners are announced on the loud speaker.
  2. End of the Year Awards Assembly:  (Grades4-6) Students will attend an end of the year ceremony where students who have achieved academically, behaviorally, or won contests or earned recognition will be recognized.


Weibel School follows and enforces the district "No Bullying" policy 5114.1, 5114.2 and AR 5114.  Our discipline policy is below.  This policy is explained to all students in an assembly at the beginning of the school year, and they receive a packet with the policy in writing that goes home to parents.  Both the student and his/her parents then sign a form acknowledging receiving and understanding our policy.

Weibel Playground Rules

General Rules

  1. No students are to be in the hall without a pass before school, or during recess or lunch.
  2. Handstands, cartwheels or other gymnastic tricks are not allowed on the blacktop playground.
  3. Food is not allowed on the playground except during snack recess (behind Rooms 11 and 12).  Students must sit and finish snack before playing.  Do not bring eating utensils from cafeteria to playground.
  4. Toys are not allowed at school.
  5. Foul or abusive language is not to be used at school.
  6. Do not bang on classroom walls (especially rooms 10, 11, 12, 13).
  7. Children are to remain behind the yellow line by the office until the 8:10 a.m. bell rings.
  8. Children should not play beyond the tanbark area or behind Room 24.
  9. Children may never play or run in the restrooms or near them.
  10. Do not hang on or rattle gates.
  11. Chasing other students on blacktop or into bathrooms is not allowed.
  12. Do not walk up/down amphitheater.
  13. No hitting balls against building.
  14. Do not bring glass containers/ bottles to school.
  15. Always walk quietly between classrooms, in hallways and to and from the playground.

Tanbark Area Rules

  1. The bars and rings may only be used to climb across.  No swinging,   jumping to skip bars or rings, or jumping into tanbark area.
  2. All bars and rings are to be climbed towards the school or parking lot.
  3. One person at a time on bars and slide.
  4. Students must walk around the bars and not over them.
  5. Children must not sit, climb, walk on top of, or jump to the bars or rings.
  6. The chains are to be used to walk across; no swinging.  Two people are allowed at a time on the chain.
  7. One person at a time on the slide, feet first, facing front.  No one is allowed to climb up a slide.
  8. No pushing, running, chain or playing tag in the tanbark area.


Recess Basketball Court Rules

  1. No full court games.
  2. Two balls per half court (limit 5 per side; extra people are subs).
  3. When shooting only four balls per half court.


Equipment Rules

  1. Basketballs are only used on the basketball courts.
  2. Kicking balls is allowed on the field only, not on the blacktop.
  3. Footballs are to used on the field only.
  4. No playground equipment may be brought from home
  5. No balls are allowed in the tanbark area.
  6. Carry, don’t bounce, balls to and from playground.


Bicycles Skateboards, Skates Rules

  1. Bikes and/or scooters are not to be ridden on school grounds.
  2. Skates, scooters, and skateboards must be carried on school grounds.
  3. From 8:00 a.m.  3:30 p.m., there is no riding in the parking lots or on the playground.


Lunch Recess

  1. Students are to remain in cafeteria/picnic area until bell rings and dismissed by adult.
  2. Students go directly to playground walking on right side of the ramp.
  3. Students are not allowed to go to classrooms to get balls or return lunch boxes or jackets.
  4. Put lunch box by number on playground.
  5. Once students are on the playground at lunch or recess, they may not return to the classroom area.
  6. Do not bring food or utensils to playground area at lunch time.


When the Freeze Bell Rings

  1. Children must freeze completely no talking (even if it is not their lunch dismissal bell).
  2. Children must step out of tetherball circles.
  3. Students in tanbark and field will jog to the blacktop.
  4. Balls are to be carried back to the line.
  5. Children remain frozen until the second bell rings.  No playing, getting drinks or going to the bathroom after the bell rings.
  6. Children walk to their line.

The Eight Great Traits

The Eight Great Traits are taught to Primary and Intermediate students monthly at an assembly. Any current issues, such as a bullying incident or misuse of technology, are addressed at this time to retrain students on expected behaviors.

Trait Primary Grades Upper Elementary Grades
Caring I take care of myself, others, and my world. I take care of myself, others, and my world.
Honesty I tell the truth. I am truthful and honest.
Responsibility I am responsible for everything I do and say. I am dependable and perform at my best.
Integrity I show self respect by taking pride in my words and actions. I demonstrate self respect and integrity through my words and actions.
Respect for Others I am kind to all people. I appreciate all people and treat them fairly.
Citizenship I help people in my classroom, school, and community. I contribute to my classroom, school, and community.
Planning and Decision Making I make good choices. I plan ahead for success, I consider the consequences of my actions, and I make good choices.
Problem Solving I cooperate to solve problems in a fair way. I cooperate to resolve conflicts fairly and peaceably.


Consequences for Misbehavior

  1. Every effort is made to teach children to make good choices and learn proper behaviors before giving a negative consequence. Frequent reminders will be given to children.
  2. Each classroom has classroom rules and consequences. These are given to parents at Back to School Night. A copy of these rules and consequences are kept in the office.
  3. Students whose misbehavior is serious or repeated may be referred to the principal with a Misconduct Notice.
  4. The Principal will work with the student to change behavior. Students may receive playground duty (observing the playground with the principal), a "Loss of Recess," clean-up duty on the playground or cafeteria (students will always wear gloves and will not touch food), or a call home to parents.
  5. Teachers have the right to suspend a student from their classroom for one class period for serious or repeated misbehavior.
  6. If behavior is continued despite interventions or is very serious, the principal may suspend the student either in-school or at home.