Community Connections

Volunteers on Campus

Volunteers at a school must sign in and out, must wear a visitor badge at all times, and must follow all site-specific protocols.

Volunteer Clearance

Volunteers without clearance to independently supervise students must remain under the supervision and direction of a designated certificated employee while working with students.

Volunteers who independently supervise students (such as when driving or coaching students) must submit an application through CiviCore, and may need to meet additional requirements, such as:

  • Volunteers who are transporting students must submit proof of insurance.
  • Volunteers who are independently supervising students must undergo fingerprinting and a background check.
  • Volunteer coaches must undergo fingerprinting and a background check, and must submit proof of a negative TB test from within the last year.

Reference: California Education Code 49024

Volunteer Opportunities

SSC:  School Site Council  The purpose of SSC is to oversee the school program, including the curriculum and instructional practices.  This group ensures that the needs of all students are a priority.  SSC monitors the SPSA.  This group also oversees the LCAP budget.

LCAP:  Local Control Accountability Plan:   This is the plan developed to ensure continuous improvement of our school.  We write the plan for Weibel and ensure that it is aligned with the districts visions and goals.  It is rewritten yearly to reflect the needs of our current students.  It is available on the district website.

Who is SSC? - SSC is made up of an equal number of parents and staff.  Parents are elected by parents and staff by the staff.  At Weibel we have 5 parents, 3 teachers, one classified staff member and the principal.  It is important to have members that represent the school community.

SSC meetings take place 5 times per school year.   Each meeting a different part of the school program will be presented to the group.  The budget is also a focus of the meetings, to make sure we are spending money on the goals in the Local Control Accountability Plan.

SSC Meeting Dates 2022-23 : 9/28, 11/30, 2/1, 3/29, & 5/24 2pm 

Weibel SSC Bylaws.pdf (PDF)