Explorer Programs for City of Fremont

Fremont Police Explorer Group

The Explorer Program is a fun and safe way for teenagers to learn about the field of law enforcement. Explorers participate in Ride Alongs, traffic control, and crowd control, give tours of the Police Department, and do many other exciting activities. This program helps teenagers either develop an understanding of various law enforcement careers, decide whether they want to pursue a career in law enforcement, or both.

Fremont Fire Fighter’s Explorer Program

The Fremont Fire Explorer Post #173 was established in 1989. It was created to teach teens (who are interested in a career in the fire service) about the fire service in a hands on way. It gives teens a good look at the life of a firefighter. This fire explorer post is a great way to see if firefighting is right for you.

Washington Hospital Student Explorer Program

Explorers attend lectures and demonstrations by Washington Hospital Medical Staff physicians as well as health care professionals employed by the hospital. Field trips and tours are arranged with several local facilities and Explorers participate in disaster drills and health and safety fairs.