Senior Calendar

Always check your school email and Ms. Chow's Google Classroom for most updated college visits, Financial Aid, Scholarships, Summer School/Pre-College Information. 


SAT/ACT:  Lots of schools are test optional now. But if you still want to take SAT or ACTSeniors- complete all tests by December.  The colleges and universities, as well as NCAA clearing house must receive your scores by January. Some colleges such as Cal Poly SLO, Chico, San Diego State & San Jose, are requesting tests be completed by October.  Check  the web-site of the college that you are applying to for requirement. 

- Identify all the application deadlines for your schools and fill out checklist.

- Get your school’s CEEB code (050-974) and have it handy along with your SS#.

- Finalize your resume.

Letter of Recommendations

Identify which colleges will need letters of recommendation.  Ask teachers to write those letters.

 (UC does not require letters of recommendation; they will not be read if you send with your application!)

Profile Packet

-Must attend lunch time meeting to obtain and complete a Profile Packet from your counselor.  Meeting to be announced thru morning bulletin and/or School Loop. Keep a copy of profile.  ALWAYS give four weeks notice.


CSU Application

 -Timeline Oct 1st thru Nov 30th

- Take SAT/ACT as needed.

- See if college applications are on the internet yet.  Download & print them for practice

- Search for essay topics. Brainstorm.

- Keep grades up! Many schools will request your senior grades in their decision process.

- Did you obtain all letters of recommendation needed?

- Decide about applying early decision – you can only do one!

- If you’re an athlete, talk to coach(es).

-Research Private Universities for Deadlines.

-Some private Colleges request a resume. Some templates are posted on our website

FAFSA Application Window for Starting Oct 1st to March 1st!  Obtain FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) forms and file by March 1! Everyone should do this regardless of need.

- Your Grant GPA verification - This is an auto upload at the district level. No action required.

- Attend financial aid workshops at your school or elsewhere.


- This is the timeframe when  many scholarships start coming into the Career Center.  Check the website for monthly update.


UC Application

-Timeline Nov 1st thru Nov 30th.  We recommend that you complete your application before Thanksgiving

 break.  The earlier the better.

-Think about financial aid needs.

- Work on essays and applications.

(many early applications are due in November! )

- Watch deadlines!

- Want to take the SAT one more time?

Transcript Request

 – Transcripts are now ordered on-line. Go to the home page of American High Web-site. Find "Transcripts" under the Quick Links. You will find everything you need to order your transcript.

- Be sure your SAT/ACT scores have been sent to all your colleges after your last test. Send AP scores as well if they are strong.


- Check the Career Center website for updates.


- Study Hard! You can’t afford to let your grades slip.

- Be sure to report your test scores to all your colleges.

- Finish any remaining applications! (Private Universities)

- Send your final resume and cover letter to your private schools.

- Think about financial aid needs and familiarize yourself with the forms.

- Keep copies of everything you send.

- If are you are accepted Early Decision at a college, then inform other schools.


- Check the Career Center website for updates.


- The last of the applications should be due this month for fall admission.

- Are your test scores sent?

- Transcripts sent as required?

- Letters of recommendation in?


- Check the Career Center website for monthly update.


- Send updated transcripts or mid year reports if needed.

- Pay attention to correspondence from colleges.

- Keep your grades up! Offers can be rescinded!

For community colleges, students typically apply late Feb or Early March.  Students who do should have filled out a FAFSA during the priority window - Opens October 1st .


-FAFSA form due 1st!

(Review the SAR you will receive to be sure it is using the right data)

- Register for AP tests.

- Wait for acceptance letters!

(Pay attention to housing forms in acceptance letters.

There may be deadlines and preference options)

- Consider appealing a rejection.

(if it was your first choice and you have a compelling reason for them to reconsider you)

- Notify your counselor when you receive college decisions and write waitlist letters if appropriate.


- Check the Career Center website for monthly update.


- Congrats on all your acceptances!

You must select a school by May 1.

- Final campus visits if needed to help make your decision.

- Talk to people who can help you decide: alumni, older friends who are there, parents, and your counselor.

- Prepare for AP tests and finals.

- Review and discuss financial aid offers as part of your decision making process. These can be appealed also.


- Check the Career Center website for monthly update.


- Most of your schools must be notified by May 1 with an SIR form.

- Plan summer employment.

- Pay attention to housing and meal plan information contained in your acceptance letter(s).

- Inform the schools you will NOT be attending as well.

- If needed, research loans (PLUS, Stafford etc) to make up for any financial gap after aid results are known.

- Study for finals and APs!


Final Transcript

- Transcripts are now ordered on-line. Go to the home page of American High Web-site. Find "Transcripts" under the Quick Links. You will find everything you need to order your transcript.

- Consider computer needs for next fall

(notebooks, wireless connections, etc)

- Attend all orientations at your college.

- Do some extra research on your college to think about what activities you will pursue.

- Respond to any financial aid offers you received.


- Have a great summer and look forward to the amazing adventure that awaits you!


Visit the Career Center and the Counseling portals at our AHS website.

There is some great information for you at both locations. 

  • Information regarding admissions, online applications, & links to all UC campuses
  • Links you to all California independent colleges & universities
  • Links to hundreds of US Colleges & Universities offering virtual tours
  • Information about college rankings, college search & college planning tools
  • Information on all two & four year colleges in California
  • Career Exploration, College research and planning


What Is the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)?

The Educational Opportunity Program is designed to improve access and retention of historically low-income and educationally disadvantaged students. EOP students have the potential and demonstrated motivation to perform satisfactorily at a CSU, but they have not been able to realize their potential because of their economic or educational background. The program provides admission and academic assistance to EOP-eligible undergraduate students. In many cases, the program offers financial assistance to eligible students.  More information about the EOP program is available online at