Recorder Resource Center

Recorder Playlist

We have been moving along nicely on recorder in 3rd and 4th grades this year.  In the playlist above, please practice any songs that are giving you trouble.  **REMEMBER, you can adjust the playback speed in YouTube, so if it seems too fast, slow it down.  

Remember to:

1. Keep your left hand on top.
2. Cover the holes completely.
3. Blow light/slow air.
4. Use your tongue to start each note (unless it is slurred).

There are also links to some of the songs we have been working on to the right.

recorder packet 1.pdf (PDF)

Yellow Belt Test.pdf (PDF)

Orange Belt Test.pdf (PDF)

Green-Black Belts.pdf (PDF)

Hush Little Baby.pdf (PDF)

Little tommy Tiddle Mouse.pdf (PDF)

Sanctus Sheet Music.pdf (PDF)