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Closed Campuses

To maximize student safety and the opportunity for students to relate in an informal setting, it is

the goal of Fremont Unified School District to provide closed campuses at all school sites.

Only students enrolled at FUSD schools are permitted on campus during instructional hours. All

student visitors must first have the permission of the principal to visit the schools. No pupil shall

be permitted to leave school at any time before the regular hour for dismissal except as noted in

administrative regulations.

A principal shall not permit a minor student to leave school in the custody of a person other than

the student's legal parent or guardian unless that person has the verified authorization of one of

the legal parents or guardian. Properly authorized law officers may seize or apprehend according

to law.

All elementary schools and junior high schools will continue to have closed campuses at lunch

time and at all other times during the instructional day.

Two years prior to a comprehensive high school site achieving an enclosed student dining

capacity and student meal serving capacity to serve 1/3 of the students during the lunch period,

the schools administrative staff will begin the planning process to close the campus.

This process will involve all stakeholders in planning the food service system, scheduling,

supervision and activities which will result in a successful implementation of the closed campus.

During the fall of the first year in which the dining facilities at a high school meet the standard

and the above implementation issues are resolved, a closed campus will be implemented.

Policy Adopted: August 24, 1983

Policy Revised: January 9, 2002


Closed Campuses AR 5145

No pupil shall be permitted to leave school at any time before the regular hour for

dismissal except:

1. in case of emergency.

2. with the approval of the principal or his designated representative.

3. that pupils in grades 1-6 may be permitted to go home for lunch.

4. that senior high pupils may leave campus during the existing open campus lunch

period at each school.

5. that senior high pupils with written parent permission may be permitted by the

principal to leave campus and arrange for his/her transportation to and from school

classes and/or educational, cultural, scientific or athletic events at locations off

campus. Student-arranged transportation may include all public transportation, taxi,

licensed carriers, walking, biking, or by motor vehicle driven by the student

excused. Students may not arrange to ride with another student or other driver who

is not an employee or parent driver who has not filed the required driver declaration

with the school.

Regulation Established: August 24, 1983