Dress Code

  1. The only hats allowed are solid black beanies or CJHS beanies or baseball caps.
  2. No pajamas or sagging pants (Pants must be worn at waist level in a manner which does not expose underwear)
  3. No bandannas, gang insignias, colors or tagged items
  4. No wallet chains
  5. No spiked jewelry or clothing
  6. No slippers, flip-flops, opened-toed or backless shoes
  7. No drug, alcohol, tobacco, sex-related, hate or discriminatory symbols may be inscribed on any item worn, or brought to school
  8. No hair styles, colors, or other physical alteration of hair or body which is so distracting as to interfere with the learning process
  9. No article of clothing is allowed which exposes any part of the body from mid-thigh to shoulders
    • Shorts must reach the end of fingertips (when standing with arms at side) *Mid-thigh
    • No tank tops
    • No exposed midriffs
    • No muscle shirts
    • No holes in clothing which expose breasts, buttocks, or crotch area
    • No low-cut necklines
    • No markings on backpacks/book bags other than name
  10. Roller tennis shoes must have the rollers removed.  It would be preferred if students did not wear roller tennis  shoes to school.