Independent Study

A parent can request an Independent Study Contract NOT to exceed 10 school days.  Requests must be received at least ten school days in advance of the absence by the Attendance Office.

Important Information Regarding the Revised Board Policy 6158 on Independent Study Contracts

Short term voluntary Independent Study program may extend for not less than five (5) and not more than ten (10) consecutive school days.  Only 1 Independent Study per school year in grades K to 12.

The student/parent must notify the school administrator of intentions to go on a trip or to be absent for other non-medical reasons at least ten (10) school days prior to the absence.

Students whose achievement is below grade level standards, based on multiple measures, in Language Arts or Math may not be eligible for short term Independent Study.

Students may not be on short term independent study more than three (3) times while in Grades K-12.

Students who have previously been granted an Independent Study agreement and have not successfully completed a previous Independent Study agreement, are not eligible for any subsequent short-term Independent Study agreements.

There are no Independent Study agreements issued the first twenty (20) school days of the year.

No Independent Study agreements will be given for any of the last twenty (20) school days of the school year.