Disaster/Emergency Procedures

In the event of a disaster please DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL.  We must keep phone lines free for emergency communication.

An alert bar will be present at the top of every webpage during an active situation affecting Fremont Unified students, staff and/or facilities. 

Lockdown/Shelter in Place Procedures: If it becomes necessary to institute a lockdown, the top Administrator/Principal will make an announcement over the PA system notifying staff to secure students in their classrooms with the doors locked.

Students are  NOT  allowed to use their cell phones at this time.  Parents are asked to stay off campus until the lockdown is lifted.  No one will be admitted to school buildings during this time.

Evacuation Procedures:  If it becomes necessary to implement an evacuation, teachers will lead their students to their assigned areas at the back of the campus until the evacuation has been lifted.
Evacuation due to disasters such as an earthquake:  Procedures are in place to ensure student and staff safety.  Each teacher has an Emergency Backpack in their classroom with medical supplies.  We also have a Disaster Container on campus with water, food, medical supplies, etc.

Part of our disaster plan allows for parents or designated adults, to pick up students.  The driveway to the right of the office will be the Student Check-Out Area.

Students will only be released to adults listed on that students Disaster Release Form. Photo IDs are required.
When picking up student(s) please don't block driveways or fire lanes.  Emergency vehicles must have access to the school.

Staff is prepared to stay on campus with any students not picked up, for as long as necessary.

If it becomes necessary to evacuate Centerville, a note will be left on the office door indicating where we have evacuated to.

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