Basketball Boys – Overview

Coaches: Joe Mirabal
Email Address:
Phone number: 510-797-2072

Student_Athlete_Emergency_form.pdf (PDF)

Parent Drivers.pdf (PDF)


Against Location Date
Hopkins Hopkins Nov 7
Thornton Thornton Nov 14
Horner Centerville Nov 16
Walters Walters Nov 30
Hopkins Centerville Dec 5
Thornton Centerville  Dec 12

Horner        Horner           Dec 14

Walters       Centerville     Dec 19

The following rules shall apply to all Sporting Events at Centerville:

  • No re-entry
  • No loitering outside the gym – must leave campus
  • No food or drink in gym
  • Must be seated on the benches
  • Students must show proper sportsmanship
  1. Centerville students must present a valid ID card at the door, and maintain it for display to any supervising teacher and/or administrator.
  2. Students from other schools (such as Washington High, other Junior Highs – except members of the opposing team, or others brought by the coach to assist with the team) must be accompanied by a parent unless they are over 18 years of age (legal adult—ID may be requested).
  3. All visitors are expected to behave appropriately and respond to inquires/directives of the supervising teachers and/or administrators.
  4. Students misbehaving are subject to school discipline, including suspension.
  5. Watching sporting events is a privilege, not a right.