Science Club – Overview

***NOTE: Science Club did not meet last year, and may not meet again this year (2018-2019). We will update this site, if anything changes.** 

Sci ClubThe Science club will meet once a month (Usually on the second Wednesday of the month) from 2:30-3:30.

**Students must provide their own transportation home **

The Science club will meet in one of our science classrooms (rooms will vary depending on the activity) after school.

During the meetings the students will be participating in a science experiment or project. The plan is to have the students explore a different science topic each meeting in a fun relaxed environment. There will be a possibility for future field trips during school time and possibly on Saturdays. The success of the club is dependent on the interest of the students.

For more Information Contact: Hollie Stark at 797-2072 ext. 68109 or Mark Wuest at ext. 68108 or email [email protected]