Volleyball Boys – Overview

VolleyballName: Lauren Arayata
Email Address: lauren.arayata@gmail.com
Phone number: (510) 797-2072

Student_Athlete_Emergency_form.pdf (PDF)

Parent Drivers.pdf (PDF)


Hopkins Hopkins Mar 19
Thornton Thornton Mar 26
Horner Centerville April 11
Walters Centerville April 16
Hopkins Centerville April 18
Thornton Centerville April 25
Horner Horner April 30
Walters Walters May 2



The following rules shall apply to all Sporting Events at Centerville:

  • No re-entry
  • No loitering outside the gym – must leave campus
  • No food or drink in gym
  • Must be seated on the benches
  • Students must show proper sportsmanship
  1. Centerville students must present a valid ID card at the door, and maintain it for display to any supervising teacher and/or administrator.
  2. Students from other schools (such as Washington High, other Junior Highs – except members of the opposing team, or others brought by the coach to assist with the team) must be accompanied by a parent unless they are over 18 years of age (legal adult—ID may be requested).
  3. All visitors are expected to behave appropriately and respond to inquires/directives of the supervising teachers and/or administrators.
  4. Students misbehaving are subject to school discipline, including suspension.
  5. Watching sporting events is a privilege, not a right.