Enrollment at Glankler | Rix-Glankler Early Learning Center

Requesting a Preschool Special Education Evaluation (3-5 year olds)

Only students who live full time within the boundaries of FUSD are eligible to receive assessments.

1. Gather your required enrollment documents:

a. Student proof of birth (birth certificate, passport, baptism certificate)

b. Student Immunization records (with first & last names, date of birth, dates of all shots given, physician stamp for each shot; if immunization has been transcribed, physician stamps for all shots).

c. Residency Verification - Two (2) of the following are required (documents need to be current, within the last 30- 45 days):

  •  Lease agreement or mortgage statement
  •  Utility bill
  •  Pay stub
  •  DMV documentation (car registration, renewal notice)
  •  Official Government mailing

***Caregiver Affidavits/Declarations of Residency: If you are in need of a Caregiver Affidavit and/or a Declaration of Residency, you must have these forms completed prior to enrollment in an FUSD elementary and secondary school. To determine if you are in need a Caregiver Affidavit and/or a Declaration of Residency.

It is important that you scan the verification documents to your computer/mobile device prior to  beginning the online enrollment application. You will need to access these documents while completing the enrollment application. Please save each document as its own document as you will upload them in different sections of the online application (residency documents can be canned together). Please name the file with the last name and type; please do not use non- alpha numeric characters such as commas, periods.

Once you begin the process, you will receive an email from Infinite Campus with instructions on completing the online enrollment.

2. Complete an online  Application Link- Application. If you have more than one student you wish to enroll, you will need to complete one enrollment application per student. Please be sure to select the appropriate school year in your online application. An email is required to complete the online enrollment process. If you do not have an email address, please call at 510-657-2350 ext. 12295. After you submit the application, you will receive an email from Infinite Campus with instructions to schedule an appointment for a virtual meeting to finalize the enrollment.

FUSD Enrollment Page: fremontunified.org/enroll

3. After completing the online form you will receive an email directing you to set up a virtual enrollment  appointment. This email should be sent immediately after you “submit”. Please check your spam/junk you “submit”. Please check your spam/junk folder if you do not see this email.

4. Have your Virtual Appointment: During this appointment you will need to present enrollment is not complete until after this appointment. If you are unable to attend a virtual appointment and would prefer an  in-person appointment, call at 510-657-2350 ext. 12295.

5.  Once enrollment is complete, you will be directed to the Special Education Department to pick up a Child Find/Referral Packet.

6.  Submit the completed packet to Glankler Early Learning Center located at 39207 Sundale Drive.

7. You will be contacted within 15 days of receipt of your completed packet by the Preschool Assessment Team.