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Our goal is to provide your son or daughter with all of the English language skills needed to be successful in all of his or her classes.

ELD Course Descriptions

At Hopkins, we have increased our ELD program significantly. These classes are fluid and if a student is ready to be moved to the next level, we do not hesitate to move them where they will be supported and challenged.

ELD 1 - This is an English course designed to meet the needs of students who knowledge of the English language is emerging. The student has a small vocabulary and can construct simple sentences.

ELD 2 - This is an English course designed for students who are expanding their English knowledge. The student's vocabulary is increasing, they can read paragraphs and are able to write a paragraph.

ELD 3 - This is an English course designed for students who are almost ready for a regular mainstream English class. This class has the same standards and rigor as a mainstream class. The advantage of this class is that it is smaller in size, takes more time teaching the writing process, and there are visuals and language scaffolds.

ELD Connections - This is a support class/elective for students who are in ELD 1. This class allows students to work on homework, projects and finish tests. The teacher is an advocate for the students and gets the student whatever he or she needs to be successful in his or her classes.

ELD 3D - This course is a support class/elective for students who are ELPAC level 4 who are in mainstream English courses. This course teaches academic vocabulary and gives students many opportunities to speak, write, listen and read academic English. This course also teaches students to collaborate well with each other and build relationships. This course makes students high school and college ready because it allows them to read difficult text and have the language to speak about it.

ELAC Meeting Dates for 2022-2023

English Language Advisory Committee 

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