Social Studies

In the history/social studies, critical thinking, civic engagement and development of communities are at the core of instruction.  We strive to engage all students in active and participatory educational activities, with the goal of having active and informed citizens and community members who can use what they know about history and society to build a better world for all of us.

Our curriculum is set forth in the California Content Standards and Frameworks, 6th grade curriculum covers early civilizations, 7th grade world history covers Medieval history, starting at the Fall of Rome through the Age or Exploration.  In the 8th grade, students study US History, from the time of the revolution through the 19th century, including the Civil War and Reconstruction.

Students in the immersion program take their history class in the language they are studying, either Spanish or Mandarin.  They have the same teacher for both their immersion language and history, at their grade level.

For more information about the standards, please see the California Department of Education:

Early Civilizations

 6th Grade - Early Civilizations -


World History

7th Grade - Medieval World History 

7th grade students pick up with Rome and study the fall of Rome as well as the development of other European Civilizations.  They explore empires throughout the world, following the development and spread of ideas.

US History

8th Grade - US History

8th graders start with the development of the United States as an independent country and the foundations of our government structure.  They follow the development of the country through the 19th century, including westward expansion, the civil war, and reconstruction.