In Fremont, the middle grades (6-8) are integrated so that Earth, life and physical science concepts are taught in all three grades according to the Next Generation Science Standards integrated model.  All Fremont elementary and middle schools use the Amplify curriculum developed by the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley for core science instruction in grades K-8.  6-8 grade science courses also include the district-mandated comprehensive health, puberty, and sexuality education program, CHSPE.

7th Grade Topics: 

Structures and Properties of Matter, Energy, Ecosystems, Chemical Change, Plate Tectonics, Biodiversity, and Human Impact

8th Grade Topics: 

Forces and Motion, Energy, Waves, Astronomy, Evolution and Natural Selection, and Human Impact

Hopkins middle school science students engage in the same practices that real scientists and engineers do. For example, students develop and use models, analyze data, and make evidence-based arguments. They also learn to make sense of core ideas using crosscutting concepts that are useful ways of thinking about and making connections across different areas of science and engineering.